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Produced by News Deeply, with the support of OpenCanada.org and the Centre for International Governance Innovation, Arctic Deeply launches today. In this introductory note from managing editor Hannah Hoag, she welcomes the site’s first readers.

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8 December, 2015
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The rapid retreat of Arctic sea ice is creating economic, social and environmental challenges that call for global discussion and new policies. But sound information on the Arctic is scattered and incomplete. It’s time to bring more depth and understanding to these issues.

That’s why we’re pleased to share the launch of Arctic Deeply, a news and information platform designed to support discussion and capture new thinking on Arctic issues.

The site features original reporting and analysis developed to serve a community eager for information from diverse perspectives on a broad spectrum of Arctic issues.

We need a more global perspective on the region’s issues, one that includes viewpoints from all Arctic nations and indigenous peoples. In April 2015, the United States became the chair of the Arctic Council, an intergovernmental forum created to address Arctic issues. During its two-year chairmanship, the U.S. will focus on adapting to climate change, strengthening stewardship of the Arctic Ocean and improving the economic and living conditions of those living throughout the Arctic. We plan to cover these and other pressing matters.

We hope that Arctic Deeply will contribute to more engagement, collaboration and solutions to the Arctic’s most pressing matters.

Every day, here in this section, you’ll see new articles and interviews from people living and working in the circumpolar Arctic. We’ll look at questions of governance, environmental change, commercial economic development, security and safety.

We’ll update the Arctic Deeply site regularly, and issue a daily briefing on circumpolar news and insight. We’ll also email a weekly summary that highlights our favourite must-read stories from Arctic Deeply and elsewhere. You can sign up on the main page.

These articles will remain free, never blocked behind a paywall, thanks to our supporters.

This is just the beginning. We’d like to see this grow into a collaborative process where readers will provide tips, perspectives and other insights. You can reach our editors at info@arcticdeeply.org and connect with us on Twitter and Facebook .

We hope that in some way Arctic Deeply can make it easier for those solutions to surface, helping the best ideas come to life.


Hannah Hoag
Managing Editor

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