Video: 150 years of Canadian foreign policy

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15 May, 2017

On July 1, Canada celebrates 150 years of nationhood — marking the uniting of three British colonies (Canada, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick). How has Canada’s foreign policy changed over time?

With the anniversary in mind, this OpenCanada video, written by journalist Michael Petrou and animated by Emmy Award-winning art director Santosh Isaac, explores the challenges and milestones of Canadian foreign policy over the last 150 years.

From Canada’s outsized contributions during World War I, which earned the country a greater say in international affairs, to the peacekeeping legacy of Lester Pearson, to more recent efforts in Afghanistan and Iraq, our actions paint a complex picture of Canada as an influential — though not dominant — player internationally.

Former Prime Minister Robert Borden wrote in 1919 that Canada “is a nation that is not a nation… It is about time to alter it.” What would he say now, nearly 100 years later?