Twitterati 2016: The Canadian Foreign Policy Edition

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December 21, 2016
Illustration by Danielle Bennett

As global interest in Canada continues, and new voices from academia and politics emerge on social media, this year OpenCanada shines a light on Canadian foreign policy Twitterati.  

This group differs from our past lists, which have highlighted Canadians doing great work abroad and Canadians making valuable additions to foreign policy conversations at large. There are many recognizable names that continue to fall into those previous categories but which you will not find below.

Instead, we want to bring attention to those commenting directly on Canada’s foreign policies — the decisions made by the Canadian government that impact the world and those policies influenced by global events that affect the lives of Canadians. Our hope is that this list continues to grow, in size and diversity, within Canada. 

Here are more than 100 online influencers who tweet on Canadian foreign policy. Get to know each one with our interactive list below.