The #cdnfp Twitterati: Politicians and Public Servants

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11 January, 2013

John Baird

Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs | @HonJohnBaird

John Baird doesn’t mince words, whether on Twitter or the UN floor. Canada’s top diplomat rarely @replies, but last year he did take some time to answer questions that we crowdsourced via #askbaird.

Paul Dewar

Official Opposition Critic for Foreign Affairs, Canada | @PaulDewar

Ottawa Centre MP Paul Dewar is Canada’s Foreign Affairs Critic. When Question Period is over, Dewar takes his critiques to Twitter.

Stephen Harper

Prime Minister of Canada | @pmharper

While Stephen Harper’s cautiously crafted Twitter feed is typical of most world statesmen, some of his recent tweets have been more offbeat. Harper’s references to Seinfeld, the Mayans, and beliebers have nothing to do with #cdnfp, but they might be signs that he’s getting more comfortable in the medium.

Michaëlle Jean

27th Governor General of Canada | @MichaelleJeanF

Tweeting in both official languages, the former Governor General is admirably active on the social media platform. Many of her tweets revolve around the country of her birth Haiti, where she also serves as UNESCO Special Envoy for Haiti.

Martha McLean

Deputy Director, e-Communications, DFAIT | @mjmclean

Martha McLean has worked in online communications at DFAIT for more than a decade. On Twitter, you’ll find McLean in the middle of conversations on digital diplomacy and open data.

Jarrett Reckseidler

Political Officer, Mission of Canada to the EU | @jarrettreckse

Jarett Reckseidler covers a range of files from human rights to development at Canada’s EU mission. With an interactive feed that offers a glimpse into Canadian foreign policy in action, Reckseidler practices the twiplomacy he preaches.

Ben Rowswell

Director of Innovation, DFAIT | @benrowswell

Ben Rowswell’s foreign service career has taken him to Egypt, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Now Ottawa-based, Rowswell is thinking through the future of foreign policy on and offline.

Consulate General of Canada, New York


Canada’s New York consulate is one of our few official missions in the Twitterverse. The consulate’s tweets range from DFAIT updates to trivia to letting you know when the next Canadian musician will be in town.

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