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The #cdnfp Twitterati: Journalists and Writers

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11 January, 2013
By: OpenCanada Staff

Matthieu Aikins

Journalist | @mattaikins

Matthieu Aikins has reported from Afghanistan for the likes of Harper’s, The Atlantic and The Walrus since 2008, and as U.S. and NATO troops pull out, the Kabul-based Canadian journalist is staying put. His tweets cover all things AfPak, from tales of corruption to Korean food in Kabul.

Hadeel Al-Shalchi

Middle East Correspondent, Reuters | @hadeelalsh

Hadeel Al-Shalchi is an Iraqi-Canadian journalist based in Libya with Reuters. Filled with @replies to other MENA tweeps, Al-Shalchi’s feed captures insights on the Middle East from those who know it best.

Nahlah Ayed

Foreign Correspondent, CBC | @NahlahAyed

Nahlah Ayed has been Canada’s window to the Middle East since 9/11. The now London-based CBC foreign correspondent won’t flood your feed, but will keep you informed of key developments in Egypt, Syria, and beyond.

Lyse Doucet

Chief International Correspondent, BBC | @bbclysedoucet

BBC veteran Lyse Doucet splits her time between London and the field, but still calls Canada her country. Doucet maintains a lively stream, striking the right balance between retweets, @replies, and her own real-time reporting.

Madelaine Drohan

Canada Correspondent, The Economist | @mdrohan

Madelaine Drohan has written for The Economist since 2006 and is the author of our 2012 report, The 9 Habits of Highly Effective Resource Economies: Lessons for Canada. On and off Twitter, Drohan covers Canada from a global perspective.

Dalia Ezzat

Middle East Analyst | @DaliaEzzat_

Dalia Ezzat is a Toronto-based Egyptian commentator on Middle East affairs. Ezzat took to tweeting shortly after the #Jan25 protests and hasn’t stopped since.

Tarek Fatah

Writer and Broadcaster | @TarekFatah

Tarek Fatah is often as provocative on Twitter as he is on air and in print. Fatah’s #nobel4malala campaign has been less controversial. The online petition has more than 250,000 supporters, including Canada’s five federal party leaders.

Chrystia Freeland

Editor, Thomson Reuters Digital | @cafreeland

Canadian business journalist Chrystia Freeland joined Reuters after stints at the Financial Times and The Globe. Freeland curates, mostly via retweets, a feed of must-reads on everything from the future of journalism to the fiscal cliff.

Colin Freeze

National Security Reporter, The Globe and Mail | @Colinfreeze

Twice embedded in Afghanistan and Toronto-based, Colin Freeze writes on national security for TheGlobe. Security, law, and technology are the common threads of Freeze’s feed.

David Frum

Contributing Editor, The Daily Beast/Newsweek | @davidfrum

David Frum, the Canadian-born conservative pundit and thorn in the side of the post-Tea Party GOP, is a frequent tweeter. Frum focuses on stateside politics with the occasional nod to events unfolding north of the border.

Lisa Goldman

Blogger, Tech President, and +972 Magazine | @lisang

When news breaks in the Middle East, Lisa Goldman is likely live-tweeting it. The Israeli-Canadian writer’s tweets often point to the absurd in the Arab-Israeli conflict and sometimes to plot holes in the latest episode of Homeland.

Naomi Klein

Author | @NaomiAKlein

Naomi Klein’s feed reflects her turn to climate change in recent years. The Canadian author retweets a lot, but injects plenty of her own commentary on everything from pipeline politics to post-Sandy disaster capitalism.

Kris Kotarski

Columnist, Calgary Herald | @kotarski

Kris Kotarski writes for the Herald and tweets for the Institute for War and Peace Reporting. Democracy, human rights and surveillance are recurring themes in Kotarski’s tweets.

Sophie Langlois

Africa Correspondent, Radio-Canada | SRClanglois

Sophie Langlois has covered Africa for Radio-Canada since 2007. On Twitter, Langlois curates timely reporting from across the continent.

Jean-Frédéric Légaré-Tremblay

Journalist | @JeanFrederic_LT

Jean-Frédéric Légaré-Tremblay writes for Le Devoir and L’actualité, and is a researcher at Université du Québec à Montréal. The journalist-academic’s tweets reveal his international affairs expertise, which ranges from U.S. politics to Mongolian foreign policy.

David Ljunggren

Political Correspondent, Reuters Canada | @reutersLjungg

After posts in London and Moscow, Ljunggren has reported for Reuters from Ottawa since 1999. Ljunggren’s feed is the place for #cdnpoli scoops with a foreign policy focus.

Mark MacKinnon

East Asia Correspondent, The Globe and Mail | @markmackinnon

Mark MacKinnon is TheGlobe’s eyes and ears in East Asia. Beijing-based and at home on Twitter, MacKinnon tweeted the first photo of China’s new leaders at the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party.

Catherine Mercier

China Correspondent, CBC/Radio-Canada | @cathmerc

Catherine Mercier covered the UN in New York before taking her current post in Beijing. On Twitter, the bilingual journalist collects China stories of all stripes and keeps a close eye on Tibet.

Naheed Mustafa

Journalist | @NaheedMustafa

Naheed Mustafa is a Pakistani-Canadian print and radio journalist based in Toronto. Mustafa tweets on Afghanistan and Pakistan with plenty of personal anecdotes in between.

Stephanie Nolen

South Asia Bureau Chief, The Globe and Mail | @snolen

Stephanie Nolen has reported from more than 40 countries and opened two of The Globe’s foreign bureaus in the last decade. The Delhi-based correspondent keeps things conversational on Twitter, mixing sobering insights with playful observations.

Doug Saunders

International Affairs Columnist, The Globe and Mail | @DougSaunders

Doug Saunders is TheGlobe’s international affairs columnist based in Toronto. The conversationalist’s tweets are sharp, lively, and often speak to larger questions looming behind the headlines.

Michelle Shephard

National Security Reporter, Toronto Star | @shephardm

Michelle Shephard has visited Guantanamo Bay’s Starbucks enough times for a free latte. The Star’s national security reporter since 9/11, Shephard broke the story of Omar Khadr’s return to Canada on Twitter.

Mercedes Stephenson

Parliamentary Reporter, CTV News | @CTVMercedes

Mercedes Stephenson is a security specialist turned journalist based in Ottawa with CTV News. Stephenson’s feed regularly features play-by-play coverage of breaking news on Parliament Hill and beyond.

Geoffrey York

Africa Bureau Chief, The Globe and Mail | @geoffreyyork

Based in Johannesburg, Geoffrey York is Canada’s only newspaper correspondent stationed on the continent. From rebel movements in eastern Congo to strikes in South Africa, York’s feed covers a lot of ground south of the Sahara.

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