Crime and Terrorism

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24 May, 2013

Jennifer Welsh on the frightening truth emerging from the killing in London: there isn’t always a network behind an act of terror.


How To React To Terror

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23 April, 2013

Steve Saideman considers how one should feel after the events of this last week. Fearful of terrorism? Thankful to the authorities? Ambivalent?


Norway: Tweeting at the Speed of Light

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27 July, 2011

When I first heard of the explosion in downtown Oslo, I immediately created a column on my Tweetdeck for all tweets containing the hashtag #norway. The tweets started coming in so fast that it became impossible to read them all. A few came from witnesses of what had just happened. A great number expressed sympathy […]


Crowd-sourcing Terror in Norway

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26 July, 2011

Soon after it emerged that the perpetrator of last week’s horrific attacks in Norway was a white anti-Muslim reactionary rather than an Islamist extremist, there was a backlash against experts who had speculated that the incident was likely the work of al-Qaeda or another jihadist group. The problem, however, was not just with the experts […]


Canada’s Bush?

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22 July, 2011

Roland is correct to question just what constitutes the “threat out there” that Stephen Harper seems so preoccupied with. The stark view of the world that the prime minister offers – between the good guys and the bad guys – is not only based on flimsy evidence (at least, in terms of what he told […]