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John Baird


Baird’s Honesty Gap

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16 April, 2013

Roland Paris on why John Baird calling the location of his controversial meeting in East Jerusalem “irrelevant” doesn’t add up.


Ask Baird

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6 June, 2012

A year ago, John Baird became Canada’s minister of Foreign Affairs. Since then, Canadian troops have withdrawn from their combat role in Afghanistan, Canada participated in the Libyan intervention, Canada has spoken out forcefully against Iranian nuclear development, and Canada has moved substantially closer in its relations with Israel and China. What does John Baird […]

The Prospect of Mature Canada-China Trade Relations

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8 August, 2011

Foreign Minister John Baird vowed, during his July 16-20 trip to China, to build closer and deeper ties with China. Good for him. There is much to be gained and little to lose from pursuing a mature relationship with China – one that accepts China’s growing importance as a major player on the world stage. […]