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Abe’s Other Foreign Policy Priority

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11 February, 2014

The Japanese prime minister has been busy rebuilding his country’s economy and reasserting its territorial rights. He could also be ready to move on the abduction issue with North Korea.


Abe’s Dilemmas

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30 January, 2014

The Japanese Prime Minister visited the Yasukuni Shrine, knowing full well it would spark outrage from Japan’s neighbours. Why did he do it?


How Washington Bungled China’s ADIZ

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29 November, 2013

The U.S. was right to fly two B-52s through China’s new air defence identification zone says James Manicom. Other statements, however, vastly exceeded the severity of China’s action.


Abe’s Political Balancing Act

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17 July, 2013

Gerald Wright on why Prime Minister Abe’s political agenda, which includes gaining Japan the right to participate in collective self-defence, hinges on the success of his economic strategy.


Business Interests

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16 April, 2013

The Japanese market represents a great opportunity for Canada says Milos Barutciski. Canadian business needs to seize it.


Building Bridges

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15 April, 2013

Canada doesn’t need to choose between strengthening relations with either China or Japan says James Manicom.


Mr. Abe Goes to Washington

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20 February, 2013

This week, Japan’s Prime Minister meets Obama. Gerald Wright explains what they need from each other, and why they may not get it.