Playing Doubles

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22 February, 2012

Jennifer Jeffs is worried that the Prime Minister is playing China against the United States.


A Call To Action

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3 February, 2012

Prime Minister Harper, listen up! CIC President Jennifer Jeffs gives some inspiration for a foreign policy review.


Canada’s Bush?

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22 July, 2011

Roland is correct to question just what constitutes the “threat out there” that Stephen Harper seems so preoccupied with. The stark view of the world that the prime minister offers – between the good guys and the bad guys – is not only based on flimsy evidence (at least, in terms of what he told […]

Interview with Andrew Cohen

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6 July, 2011

Is Canadian internationalism dead? Will a majority government allow Canada to have a more strategic foreign policy? With Libya – and the UN mandate to intervene based on the doctrine of the “Responsibility to Protect” – did Canada miss out on an opportunity for international leadership? Do Canada’s engagements in Libya and Afghanistan represent a […]