financial crisis

The New Economic Order

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9 November, 2012

Earlier this month, we had the privilege of hosting Christine Lagarde on the occasion of the 2012 Globalist of the Year Gala dinner in Toronto. In her keynote speech, Mme. Lagarde discussed the economic crisis, underlining the susceptibility of domestic economies to slowdowns in other national jurisdictions. The growth trajectories of advanced economies are now […]


Power to the People

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11 November, 2011

Does globalization hijack democratic choice or thrive on it? Hancock asks, as Grecians protest.


Irrational Pessimism

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13 August, 2011

Chaotic stock markets, spiralling debt crises, weakening growth, rioting in the streets – the steady drum beat of bad news has been so overwhelming lately that it’s easy to forget that we are likely entering the most dramatic period of material progress in human history. Even amid the current gloom and doom, the International Monetary […]