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Egypt’s Referendum Redux

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16 January, 2014

Once again Egyptians have gone to the polls to vote on a constitution. But what this is really about is legitimizing a coup argues Bessma Momani.

From Coup to Chaos

By: /
25 July, 2013

Bessma Momani on the call by General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi for Egyptians to rally in support of the military.


A Warning to Egyptians

By: /
30 June, 2013

Protests against President Morsi have taken Egypt back to the edge. Bessma Momani on why the opposition is playing a dangerous game.


Egypt’s Fiscal Cliff

By: /
2 April, 2013

Bessma Momani on why Egypt is on the verge of a real fiscal cliff, and the consequences for the region if it goes over.


A Crisis of Confidence

By: /
29 January, 2013

The latest round of protests reveal the continuing fragility of post-Mubarak Egypt, and the increasing frustration of Egyptians with the current regime.


Ideological Ceasefire

By: /
23 November, 2012

Ideology isn’t something that any leader can turn on and off at will, but that does not necessarily lead to irrational policy making.