corporate social responsiblity


CSR Norms: From Principle to Practice

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26 November, 2013

Dr. John Ruggie spearheaded the UN’s effort to transform the relationship between business and human rights. OpenCanada spoke to Ruggie about the evolution of global CSR norms and the road ahead.


CSR’s Global Surge

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10 October, 2013

Companies today are grappling with the challenge of enforcing standards across globalized supply chains. OpenCanada asked Hershell Ezrin how Canadian companies are faring, and where the concept of corporate social responsibility is headed.


Africa’s Rising Resource Challenges

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17 June, 2013

Natural resources are playing an important role in Africa’s economic growth. Experts from NSI’s Ottawa Forum explain why governance of the extractive industry is critical if the benefits and risks are to be shared equitably.


The Business of Human Rights

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14 May, 2013

Dr. Alexandra Guáqueta, member of the UN Working Group on Business and Human Rights, on state versus corporate responsibility to protect the human rights of workers in Bangladesh and beyond.