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Christine Lagarde


Lagarde’s Advice

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2 November, 2012

If you haven’t already watched or read Christine Lagarde’s keynote speech from the CIC’s Globalist of the Year gala dinner last week, I encourage you to click here. The CIC named Mme. Lagarde the 2012 Globalist of the Year for her leadership  in international finance, including her relentless work as managing director of the International […]


Lagarde Live

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19 October, 2012

The CIC is proud to be hosting Christine Lagarde on the occasion of her first visit to Canada since assuming her position at the International Monetary Fund. We look forward to hearing her insights, fresh from the recent 2012 IMF and World Bank meetings in Tokyo. Please join us for the live stream of the […]


It’s getting harder to run the world – so spare some sympathy for the French.

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6 July, 2011

Christine Lagarde, recently French Finance Minister, has finally been confirmed as IMF head – but not without having to beat back challenges from pesky upstarts like Mexico, Singapore, and India – and following the trials (literally) and tribulations of former French head, Dominique Straus Khan. Then there’s poor Jean-Claud Trichet, the Frenchman in charge the […]