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Re-imagining the West

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2 April, 2014

The Ukraine crisis has resurrected the old Cold War dichotomy of East vs West. But defining “the West” is not so easy, says Robert Muggah.


Will Brazil Unravel the Net?

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19 September, 2013

Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff isn’t happy about the NSA monitoring her online activity. Robert Muggah on why the scandal is provoking calls for a new approach to Internet privacy from Brazil.


A Responsibility to Reform

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31 July, 2013

Many are resigned to the gridlock over reforming the United Nations Security Council, but Robert Muggah believes Brazil and its allies have revealed a way forward.


Betting on Brazil

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26 June, 2013

We asked Canada’s Ambassador to Brazil, the Honourable Jamal Khokhar, about Brazil’s economic prospects in the face of challenging global trends.


Off Its Game

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28 May, 2013

Jean Daudelin on why Brazil isn’t playing to win at home or abroad, and the political tactics that could change this.