Paris: Is North America dead?

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30 January, 2012

Dead? Newt Gingrich thinks America has been hijacked by “socialists.” Obama thinks America has been hijacked by a dysfunctional Congress. Some Canadians think Canada has been hijacked by the Reform Party. Mexico has been hijacked by drug crime and is flirting with “failed state” status. But are they dead? Hardly.

Losing status as Number One Superpower means the United States will soon have to reach consensus with other powers, which may be a good thing for everyone. Canada’s lost status as a serious middle power with a voice on the Security Council consigns us to irrevelance, for now; but we’re not “dead” either, just obedient followers. As for Mexico, I am writing from that gorgeous place and the sun is glinting off the hibiscus flowers outside my window. An election is in the offing. No one is contemplating national annihilation, as far as I can see.

Change, yes; death, no. The only certain thing in world affairs is perpetual movement. The status quo is never static.