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OpenCanada returning ‘home’ to the CIC

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6 July, 2020
By: The Canadian International Council

Dear OpenCanada readers,

Since OpenCanada went on hiatus at the beginning of this year, I’m sure many of you have had questions about the future of the publication. Rest assured, diligent work has been ongoing to ensure that OpenCanada returns and continues to be one of Canada’s leading publications in international affairs. Now, we are happy to announce OpenCanada is returning home.

As of June 24th, an agreement has been signed to transfer ownership of OpenCanada on August 17th to the Canadian International Council (CIC), one of Canada’s leading global affairs organizations and think tanks which seeks to nurture awareness and understanding of critical international affairs challenges, and to advance constructive discourse and debate on how to address them. The CIC is the original publisher of OpenCanada.

While the CIC is assuming ownership of OpenCanada, it is still in the process of relaunching the publication and plans to be producing content again by the end of September 2020. There will be some changes to the style and format of OpenCanada, but we can assure you that it will continue to produce insightful and informative content that drew you to the publication in the first place.

As OpenCanada transitions to CIC ownership, the CIC gratefully acknowledges the Centre for International Governance Innovation, a non-partisan think tank based in Waterloo, Ontario, for its role as publisher of OpenCanada from 2015-2019.

We look forward to welcoming all OpenCanada readers back to the publication in September and be sure to follow the CIC for updates on the relaunch of OpenCanada.



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