Ottawa moves toward restoring diplomatic ties with Iran but whether this re-engagement can advance human rights—and not just business deals—will be one of the first real trials of the Trudeau government’s approach to foreign policy. By Michael Petrou.


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The Tehran Test

As Canadian professor Homa Hoodfar suffers in an Iranian jail, Ottawa moves toward restoring diplomatic ties with the country. Whether this re-engagement can advance human rights—and not just business deals—will be one of the first real trials of the Trudeau government’s approach to foreign policy. By Michael Petrou.
migrants greece

From Europe to Canada, how to promote a truly welcoming culture for migrants

Aspects of Canada’s pluralism model may serve Europe well, but is it a fair comparison? In advance of 6 Degrees, the upcoming three-day event on inclusion, diplomat Jeremy Kinsman looks at the challenge of identity and integration in both regions.
Ban Ki-moon refugees

Why the world needs a new, more equitable refugee system

How do we create a system that treats refugees with dignity and better distributes the responsibility? As world leaders meet to discuss the global refugee crisis, these five factors should guide their thinking. Jacqueline Lopour, Andrew S. ThompsonJames Milner and Paul Heinbecker contribute.
2016 UNGA

Five things to know about the 2016 UN General Assembly

As Catherine Machado writes, refugees and climate change top the agenda in New York this month as leaders from around the world come together for this year's United Nations General Assembly. 

Where does religion fit into Canada’s pluralism model?

The recent wave of Syrian refugees — and acknowledgement of Europe’s flawed multiculturalism — has prompted new ways to think about religion’s place in an inclusive society. For our series in the lead up to 6 Degrees, Geoffrey Cameron explores whether Canada is post-secular, and what this might mean. 
refugee children

This crisis is about children; the UN summit for refugees should be, too

David Morley, President of UNICEF Canada, lays out six commitments the Canadian government — and global community — should make toward the protection of child refugees.  
Waiting to Register, Matic Zorman

World Press Photo 2016: The world’s most compelling news stories, in pictures

A selection of images from the 2016 World Press Photo Contest.

OpenCanada receives three Canadian Online Publishing Award nods

We're up for three nominations — best editorial packaging, best article or series and best video content. Winners will be announced Nov. 7 in Toronto.


Protesting pipelines

BuzzFeed’s Anne Helen Petersen tells the story of how social media helped garner unprecedented attention to a protest against the Dakota Access Pipelines (#NoDAPL). Last weekend, more than 2,000 Indigenous and environmental activists gathered to shine a spotlight on their shared mission: to protect the Sacred Stone Camp's water. So far, the protests have brought pipeline construction to a halt. 

A pilgrimage to Madinah

After burying her grandmother outside of Toronto, Fathima Cader accompanies her family on a trip from Canada to Saudi Arabia, where she grew up. For Hazlitt, Cader documents her journey, from worrying that her brother would be stopped for being erroneously listed on a no-fly list to observing the racism inherent in the process of visiting one of the Islam's holiest sites. 


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Book Launch: Alexandre Trudeau's "Barbarian Lost - Travels in the New China"

Sept. 19, 2016, Toronto
Launch of Alexandre Trudeau's new book about his travels in contemporary China. 
CIC Logo - White Square

Politics @ the Pub - Canada and the Digital Economy: Youth, Talent and Innovation

Sept. 19, 2016, Ottawa
An informal policy discussion informed by a panel of innovators. Bring your creative hats, and be part of the future direction of Canada’s Innovation Policy.
CIGI Acronym Logo

From ISIS to Community Empowerment: A Good Defence is the Best Offence

Sept. 19, 2016, Waterloo
CIGI's Bessma Momani will talk about the genesis of ISIS and how this terrorist group has metastasized and recruited across the world. 

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