Even when the Syrian conflict is on the other side of the planet, digital connections put refugees, activists and humanitarians at risk. 


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Life in the digital shadow of the Syrian war

Digital war
As Naheed Mustafa writes, Even when the Syrian conflict is on the other side of the planet, digital connections put refugees, activists and humanitarians at risk. The first in our new series, The War is Just a Click Away.

A foreign policy report card for Justin Trudeau, one year on

From improved relations with the U.S. to the “black eye” the Saudi arms deal represents, Catherine Tsalikis takes a comprehensive look at the Trudeau government’s foreign policy challenges and successes over the past 12 months.

The liberation of Mosul will be a victory for Iraq — and its international partners

With Western help, Iraq has rebuilt its armed forces and ISIS is on the verge of defeat in Iraq. Michael Petrou on why this week’s progress shows there’s still a role for Western military intervention in the Middle East. 

End of CETA, end of European trade deals

By failing to ratify CETA, Europe shows it can no longer do trade deals. Canada and the rest of the world will suffer as a result, writes Patrick Leblond.
Free Syrian Army

Who is winning the Syrian digital war?

Also part of The War is Just a Click Away, OpenCanada asks five experts to give their perspectives on actors that they believe have been "successful" in cyberspace. Stephanie CarvinBenedetta BertiYannick Veilleux-LepageChristopher Anzalone and Amarnath Amarasingam battle it out.
Migrant on cellphone

Five things you should do to stay safe online

From what to do if you've been hacked, to the secure messaging apps you can use, here are the best tips to ensure your own digital security. By Andrés Delgado, John Woodside and Chris Tenove.


Justice and gender in India

Muslim women in India, fed up with misogynist interpretations of the Quran by the men tasked with pronouncing decisions on issues like marriage and divorce, are taking matters of justice into their own hands. For The Daily Beast, Emily Feldman reports on a training program that's turning out the country's first female Islamic judges, with the aim of moving "the gender justice dial in the right direction."
the guardian

San Salvador’s millennial mayor

In one of the most dangerous cities in the world, can a young, hip mayor with big ideas and a colourful Instagram feed make a difference? Amid gang warfare and swelling violence, Nayib Bukele is trying to revitalize San Salvador's city centre, to alter the "relationship between citizens and the place they call home – and, by extension, their relationship with one another.Lauren Markham reports for The Guardian.


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The U.S. Election: The Race, the Stakes, and the Consequences

Oct. 25, 2016, Ottawa
The CIC National Capital Branch and the Rideau Club present a special luncheon event with Stuart Rothenberg
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Living in the Digital Shadows of War

Oct. 25, 2016, Toronto
This panel, presented by OpenCanada.org and Toronto's Munk School of Global Affairs, will discuss people’s digital vulnerabilities to conflict and repression, and possible responses to those vulnerabilities, with particular regards to Syria.
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The Ottawa Process Twenty Years Later: The Landmine Treaty, Human Security, and Canada in the Twenty-First Century

Oct. 27, 2016, Toronto
Speakers from a variety of fields will lend their expertise to help participants understand what the Ottawa Process began twenty years ago and how Canada continues to deal with challenges, both national and international.

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