Michael Petrou reports from the Brussels neighbourhood, where he finds evidence of radicalization alongside the smallest sprouts of hope.


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Stories from Molenbeek, the ‘terrorist centre of Europe’

Michael Petrou reports from the Brussels neighbourhood, where he finds evidence of radicalization alongside the smallest sprouts of hope.

The case for Canadian peacekeepers in Colombia

After two weeks of ups and downs, the Colombian peace process marches on. Canadian peacekeepers should be there to help it succeed. By Christian Medina-Ramirez.
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Why governance of the North needs to go beyond the Arctic Council

While the Arctic Council plays an important role in northern governance, its mandate is limited, leaving space for regional forums to share some of the workload, writes Heather Exner-Pirot. From our partners at Arctic Deeply.

The increasing incompatibility of the Turkish-Western alliance

Even before the attempted coup against the Erdogan government in July, Turkey’s policies towards Syria, ISIS and its own citizens have been putting it at odds with its Western allies. Is an end to this alliance inevitable?  By Kyle Matthews.


Surviving a siege

For The AtlanticJanine di Giovanni recalls her time reporting from a Sarajevo under attack in the 1990s. This summer, she started a WhatsApp group where colleagues who experienced the horrors of Bosnia can connect with and give hope to Syrians today. "Sieges destroy the body—as was clear in Bosnia then and in Syria now—but once again, what’s far more damaging is the annihilation of the soul," she writes.

Pipeline nightmares

Brian Castner, who canoed the entire Mackenzie River this past summer, reports on a pipeline project that looms over northern communities in the region for VICE's Motherboard. The $20 billion Mackenzie Gas Project has been talked about for decades. Construction is stalled, but permits have been extended, prompting Indigenous communities to try put a stop to the project once and for all.


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How Does it Feel to Be a Problem? Being Muslim during the War on Terror

Oct. 20, 2016, Saskatoon
Presentation by Dr. Mastoufa Bayoumi on why the fate of Muslim minorities today matters not just for Muslims but for the health of our societies generally.
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Living in the Digital Shadows of War

Oct. 25, 2016, Toronto
This panel, presented by OpenCanada.org and Toronto's Munk School of Global Affairs, will discuss people’s digital vulnerabilities to conflict and repression, and possible responses to those vulnerabilities, with particular regards to Syria.
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The Ottawa Process Twenty Years Later: The Landmine Treaty, Human Security, and Canada in the Twenty-First Century

Oct. 27, 2016, Toronto
Speakers from a variety of fields will lend their expertise to help participants understand what the Ottawa Process began twenty years ago and how Canada continues to deal with challenges, both national and international.

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