A look at the history of the bilateral relationship and what Jagmeet Singh's activism means for its future. 


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With Singh, a new chapter for Canada-India relations

Jagmeet Singh
An in-depth look at the history of the bilateral relationship and what Jagmeet Singh's activism means for its future. By Karthik Nachiappan.
TRudeau Asia

A foreign policy midterm reality check for Canada

Has the current government accomplished any of the goals set out in the foreign minister’s mandate letter? Bruce Mabley argues there is much work to be done. 
Citizen ceremony US

Immigrant-destination cities in the US brace for uncertainty

As Leanne Tory-Murphy writes, Donald Trump’s plan to significantly cut refugee numbers in 2018 has many US communities looking at what they will lose should immigration drop. 
Auto sector

What a NAFTA withdrawal could mean for Canadian companies

A withdrawal from NAFTA could lead to rapid stock market fluctuations, employment losses and an eventual shift of some auto production overseas. Ronald Orol explains. 


Talking trash

As landfills and waste dumps around the world quickly fill up — we collectively generate at least 3.5 million tons of solid waste a day — how are major cities combating this epic problem, if they are at all? Photographer Kadir van Lohuizen travelled to six different cities — Jakarta, Tokyo, Lagos, New York, Sao Paulo and Amsterdam — for the Washington Post to find out. 
The New Yorker

The right to security

As Alexis Okeowo writes for the New Yorkersome Mexican communities have formed their own self-defence groups as an alternative to government protection — the result of years of distrust of official security forces and drug cartels. Are these groups examples of "effective local justice," or do they push into the dangerous territory that lies outside the law?


Munk School of Global Affairs Logo

A global education strategy for Canada — findings from the Global Education report

Nov. 27, 2017, Toronto
The Munk School of Global Affairs hosts the Toronto launch of a landmark report by the Study Group on Global Education, an independent group of university and college presidents, private sector leaders, and policy experts.
CIC Logo - White Square

Politics At The Pub: Digital diplomacy in the current era of foreign affairs

Nov. 27, 2017, Ottawa
Featuring Martha McLean, deputy director for advocacy campaigns and digital engagement at Global Affairs Canada, Trevor Kerr, head of communications at the British High Commission in Ottawa and Howard Fremeth, senior consultant with the Ottawa office of NATIONAL Public Relations.
CIGI Acronym Logo

A fresh look at digital trade in North America

Dec. 1, 2017, Washington
Featuring Susan Ariel Aaronson, a senior fellow with CIGI's Global Economy Program and Jessica Nicholson from the United States Department of Commerce.
CIC Logo - White Square

A Public Dialogue on Canada's Presidency of the G7

Dec. 7, 2017, Toronto
Join us for a chance to share your thoughts, suggestions and questions with Canada’s G7 Sherpa.

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