With the election of Donald Trump for U.S. president, we asked Canadian diplomats to name their one hope for his approach to foreign policy.


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Seven foreign policy wishes for the Trump administration

Trump FP wishes
With the election of Donald Trump for U.S. president, we asked Canadian diplomats to name their one hope for his approach to foreign policy. With contributions from Paul Heinbecker, Daryl Copeland, Jillian Stirk, Jeremy Kinsman, Phil Calvert, Colin Robertson and Peggy Mason.

Four revelations from the climate talks in Marrakesh

From uncertainties about America’s future climate change policies to pressure on Canada to do more in the international effort to combat global warming, here are four takeaways from COP22 in Morocco. By Latifa Abdin.

Mohamed Fahmy: Reflections on prison, press freedom and the protection of Canadians abroad

With the release of his new book, Mohamed Fahmy speaks to OpenCanada's Catherine Tsalikis on the many shades of the word ‘terrorist,’ how Al Jazeera kept him in the dark and why he is calling for a ‘Protection Charter’ for Canadians abroad. 
Trudeau thinking

The Odd Couple: How Trudeau can find common ground with Trump, even on trade

Canada’s idealist leader can play ball with his pragmatist counterpart on a number of issues, from NAFTA to renewable energy. The key is their shared interest in infrastructure, write Vivek Dehejia and James W. Dean.

Trump's recklessness puts global stability at risk

The effects of Donald Trump's declared foreign policy will reverberate across the globe and, as Roland Paris argues, cause the kind of international instability that the U.S. has historically sought to prevent.


The New Yorker

The rise of Duterte

As coverage of Donald Trump continues to dominate, Adrian Chen takes a look at a different populist demagogue: Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines, who came to power in May with "neither the family name nor the party machinery that is typically needed to compete in a Presidential election." How is it that the raving and dangerous Duterte has an 86 percent approval rating? For The New Yorker.

Malaise in France

Terrorist attacks, the debate over what it means to be French, the forced closing of refugee camps in Paris and Calais, a president with approval ratings at four percent - the news out of France hasn't been good, and many fear what lies ahead as the far right gains traction. In the New Statesman, Jonathan Fenby looks at the country's options for next spring's presidential election.


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The Tehran Test: How human rights cases in Iran are putting Canada’s foreign policy approach to the test

Nov. 22, 2016, Ottawa
Join OpenCanada and CIPS for a panel on the challenges of diplomatic relations with Iran, how trade factors in, the role of the UN and the critical questions ahead for the current government. Featuring journalist Michael Petrou, human rights activist Maryam Nayeb Yazdi, professor Thomas Juneau and OpenCanada's Eva Salinas.
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CIGI Cinema Series: "Sea Blind"

Nov. 22, 2016, Waterloo
Join us for a screening of a documentary by filmmaker Sarah Robertson and climate journalist Bernice Notenboom.
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CIC Winnipeg: Politics in the Pub

Nov. 24, 2016, Winnipeg
A discussion on the conflict in Syria, featuring Miloud Chennoufi of the Canadian Forces College.

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