From the international nature of the conflict to its emerging refugee crisis, this is why the world needs to pay more attention to what is happening in the country.


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Five reasons why Yemen matters now more than ever

From the international nature of the conflict to its emerging refugee crisis, Jacqueline Lopour gives five compelling reasons why the world needs to pay more attention to the country.
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‘We don’t pick political parties, we pick freedom of expression’

In a conversation with OpenCanada’s Eva Salinas, PEN International’s past president John Ralston Saul looks back on his time with the organization and the state of freedom of expression in Canada and beyond.

Why Europe will survive this mega storm

The European Project was meant to ward against the 20th century nationalistic passions that led to two world wars. But a financial meltdown, refugee crisis and now unnecessary referendum have blown a perfect storm into a hurricane. Is the EU just too big to fail? By Jeremy Kinsman.
Age of Consequences

Hot Docs 2016: 'Age of Consequences' director talks climate change and security

Krista Hessey speaks with Jared P. Scott about his latest film, Age of Consequences, as it premieres in Toronto: ‘This is not your left-leaning hippie outfit, this is the Department of Defense saying that climate change will burden the economy.’

Is Rousseff’s likely ouster a sign of change in Latin America?

As Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff seeks regional support to protest her impeachment, lessons from recent history appear to be lost on the leader, argues former ambassador Allan Culham


Who is Narendra Modi?

In the New RepublicSiddhartha Deb presents a blistering profile of 'the man who has replaced Gandhi as the face of India.' Tracing Modi's rise through right-wing Hindu politics, Deb describes a trail of violence, racism, rage and unaccountability - a narrative at odds with the Western world's admiring view of the prime minister.

Mozambique's blood rubies

Montepuez, in northern Mozambique, is thought to hold 40 percent of the world's known supply of rubies. The UK-based company that acquired the ruby deposit describes its gems as 'responsibly sourced' and 'ethical,' but accounts of forced relocations, conflict and killings tell a different story. Estacio Valoi reports for Foreign Policy.


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CIC Vancouver: Running Water, or Running Out?

May 12, 2016, Vancouver
An evening discussion with Margaret Catley-Carlson.
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The Hon. Bill Graham on The Call of the World, A Political Memoir

May 18, 2016, Ottawa
The Honourable Bill Graham will discuss his new book, The Call of the World.
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Canadian Economics Association (CEA) Annual Conference

June 2, 2016, Ottawa
This year's CEA conference will feature several CIGI experts.

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