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Canada’s future foreign policymakers: Meet the millennials making a mark in international affairs

This week, OpenCanada features some of the best and brightest young Canadians working in global affairs — highlighting their greatest achievements, the past experiences that got them to where they are today, and their advice for fellow young professionals.
York University

Welcome to a hipper, younger, capable Canadian public service

More paid internships. Mandated government work terms within university programs. A shorter and more transparent hiring process. This is how Canada can truly engage its millennials. By Wisam Salih.

OpenCanada is turning 5!

With a panel on the state of leftist foreign policy, OpenCanada marks its fifth anniversary next month. Join the OpenCanada team and special guests — The Nation's Sarah Leonard, Postmedia's Terry Glavin and the New Republic's Jeet Heer — in Toronto on June 9.
Iran United states

Why choosing Iran over Syria is a moral and strategic failure for Obama

As the recent profile of Obama advisor Ben Rhodes reveals, the U.S president is choosing to make peace with Iran instead of challenging Assad’s murderous regime. But, as Michael Petrou writes, none of the results have made America any safer.
Tunisia embassy

Canada in the Middle East: How bold digital diplomacy is making waves in the region

From inspiring debates on LGBT rights to making new connections, digital tools are enabling traditional diplomacy, explains Canada’s recent Ambassador to Tunisia, Sébastien Beaulieu.
Trudeau David Cameron

Brexit: Why Justin Trudeau should start talking

Just hours before Justin Trudeau's first comments on 'Brexit' were published, Randall Hansen lays out the case for why the referendum is important to Canada — it could lead to renewed support for sovereignty in Quebec and the loss of the UK as Canada’s ally in EU affairs.
japan hiroshima

Obama goes to Hiroshima, but stiffs nuclear talks in Geneva

The upcoming visit may be a first, but if Obama is serious about disarmament, he will not shut the door on discussions with non-nuclear weapon states. By Paul Meyer.


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Tracking Vlad

In this first person account, Globe and Mail correspondent Mark MacKinnon tells the story of Vlad, an outspoken, pro-Ukrainian patriot who becomes a friend, not just a source. When Vlad goes missing, MacKinnon embarks on a dangerous journey through Donetsk and other formerly burgeoning cities that have become casualties of the war with Russia, in an attempt to find him.

Trump and the rise of populism

From Donald Trump in the U.S. to Jeremy Corbyn in the UK, Jonathan Freedland writes about the growing appeal of populist figures on both ends on the political spectrum for The Guardian. He explains how economic woes and political dissent have given rise to this trend across the globe, and the dangerous consequences it reaps on democracy.


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Putin and the West

May 24, 2016, Halifax
Featuring Dr. Norman Pereira, one of Canada’s leading authorities on Putin’s Russia.
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The Panama Papers and Tax Havens: the Fight Club of the Tax Industry

May 25, 2016, Saskatoon
Talk by Joseph A. Gill of McKercher LLP.
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Books not Bullets: Global Peace through Equitable Access to Education

May 26, 2016, Waterloo
Lecture and discussion with Pakistani diplomat Ziauddin Yousafzai. 

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