A major rethinking is needed on the Balkans as a democratization success story and on international policy in the region, writes Jasmin Mujanovic. 


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The Balkans’ unravelling peace

A major rethinking is needed on the Balkans as a democratization success story and on international policy in the region, writes Jasmin Mujanovic, in this new essay.
refugees UK

Lessons on refugee integration from England’s North

Leanne Tory-Murphy visits some of the poorer areas of the UK, where many asylum seekers have been sent and where organizations do much with little to help.

Why Canadians should care about the global care economy

Care work is undervalued both in Canada and around the world — it’s time to bring it into the conversation about women’s empowerment and gender equality, argues Ito Peng.
Women's march 2018

A gender equality toolbox: These areas of society still need work—here's how to do it

As the world ups the ante in the fight against gender inequality, all countries should back up commitments by using a wide range of tools, including investment and immigration policies. By Charles Kenny.
feminist foreign pollcy

Is the future of foreign policy feminist?

In case you missed it: An OpenCanada series on the intersection of feminism and global affairs. With contributions from Sally Armstrong, Jacinda Ardern, Marie-Claude Bibeau, Alice Driver, Melanne Verveer and more. 


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Ransom for royal falconers

In November 2015, a group of Qatari falcon hunters, including members of Qatar’s ruling family, set out for a hunting trip in Iraq, which went awry when masked men with balaclavas stormed their tents and took them hostage. For The New York Times Magazine, Robert Worth reports on the never-before-told story of the staggering ransom deal that followed.

None like it hot

Do we have another Cold War on our hands? On the eve of a Russian election and amidst accusations of poisoning on UK soil, Lawrence Freedman looks at the state of tensions between Russia and the rest of the world and unpacks the term 'Cold War' with that in mind. "Cold War 2.0 deserves the designation because it might turn hot. That is the risk that demands attention," he writes for the New Statesman.


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Bilateral Brazil

March 20, 2018, Toronto
Young Professionals in Foreign Policy-Toronto invites its members and non-members to its fifth Consulate Series event, Bilateral Brazil. The event will be an interactive discussion session on Brazilian foreign policy with Brazilian Deputy Consul General Mr. Ademar Seabra da Cruz.
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Saving the Planet: Overcoming Challenges of Emissions Monitoring and Climate Engineering

March 21, 2018, Waterloo
This talk, lead by climate law experts Timiebi Aganaba-Jeanty and Neil Craik, explores the international legal and ethical dimensions of these important but controversial technology pathways and considers how Canada might approach the governance challenges connected to these technologies.
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North Korea: Facts vs Fictions and Seeking Peace

March 22, 2018, Toronto
Featuring speakers Chris Black (International Criminal Court) and Patti Talbot (United Church of Canada). Organized by International Channels for Diplomacy and co-sponsored by Canadian Voice of Women for Peace and Science for Peace.
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Wonk Prom

April 12, 2018, Toronto
An annual celebration of politics, policy and the people who make it happen, Wonk Prom was conceived with the next generation of political movers and shakers in mind. This year’s event takes place at the Steam Whistle brewery in downtown Toronto. OpenCanada readers can save on advance tickets by using discount code “OCAN_WONK”.

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