As North American leaders meet in Ottawa this week, David Agren reports from Mexico, where citizens are losing patience with a system that allows for bribery and kickbacks. Will new anti-corruption laws make a dent?


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Corruption in Mexico: The elephant at the North American table

Enrique Pena Nieto
In the lead up to the North American Leaders' Summit this week, David Agren reported from Mexico, where citizens are losing patience with a system that allows for bribery and kickbacks. Will new anti-corruption laws make a dent?
Turkish attacks

Can we link the Istanbul attack to blowback?

More than 40 people were killed Tuesday following an attack at Turkey’s main airport. While the Turkish government blames ISIS, are its own policies contributing to the making of a monster? By Kyle Matthews.

In Turkey, dashed hopes and deepening rifts

The election of a Kurdish political party to the Turkish parliament last summer offered glimmers of respite in a 30-year war between the government and Kurdish militants. But renewed tension and violence have tempered any expectations of progress or peace, as Emily Feldman reports from Istanbul. Part of our new series, The Making of Kurdistan.
Kurds Explained1

Video: Kurdistan Explained

Who are the Kurds? This short video explains what you need to know about the history of this Middle Eastern ethnic group, its state-building efforts and the conflicts surrounding it. Written and narrated by journalist Michael Petrou for The Making of Kurdistan.
Arctic Tourism

Canada’s Arctic an untapped gold mine…of tourism

Tourists helped Iceland get back on its feet after its economy bottomed out. Canada’s Arctic is just as stunning and culturally rich, but it lacks needed infrastructure to give the region an economic boost. Ed Struzik provides an in-depth look at the draws, and their barriers, in this co-publication with Arctic Deeply. 
Arctic Tourism22

Arctic tourists are ready, even if the Arctic's not

A cruise through the Northwest Passage changed the way authors Connie and Peter Roop thought about Arctic tourism. There are benefits, but the risks remain great. Some trips should not go ahead, they write, in this co-publication with Arctic Deeply.
Arctic Nun

Tourism could bring wealth and pride to Nunavut

In this interview with Arctic Deeply’s Alexander Kim, Inuit activist Aaju Peter says development of Nunavut’s tourism industry can support preservation of traditional knowledge and skills, in addition to being profitable.



Obama's address to Parliament

This week, U.S. President Barack Obama became the seventh president to address a joint session of Parliament. In his speech, POTUS cracked jokes, praised Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and called for pluralism, equality and tolerance in the wake of #Brexit and Trump's recent isolationist rhetoric. Read the full transcript on Maclean's.
The Star

Jihadi rehab

What to do with foreign fighters who once pledged allegiance to al-Shabaab but now want out? The Toronto Star's Michelle Shephard is the first journalist to visit a secret camp in Mogadishu where hundreds of former Somali Shabaab members are being held, with the aim of rehabilitation. One of the program's allies, a former U.S. Navy Seal, says he "can’t help but want to be a part of what this could be if it succeeds.”
The New Yorker

The man with the 25-year plan

The president of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani, is a voracious reader and an expert on failed states. But his preference for studying on his own and his penchant for always thinking in the long term is alienating allies he might need to stay in power. Can Ghani maintain the presidency long enough to do something about his own failed country? George Packer reports for The New Yorker.


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Israeli Politics in the Face of Regional Insecurity

July 13, 2016, Calgary
Lecture by Dr. Melanie Schmoll, political scientist.
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CIGI Symposium: International Environmental Governance and Innovation

July 20, 2016, Waterloo
This symposium will focus on innovative legal and comparative approaches for translating international environmental law obligations from theory to practice.

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