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A Brexit post-mortem: 17 takeaways for a fallen David Cameron

David Cameron
In an open memo to the outgoing British Prime Minister, former Canadian High Commissioner to the UK Jeremy Kinsman describes in detail just how badly the Remain campaign failed.     

The uncertain future of electric cars

There are more electric cars now than ever — but will we ever see them dominate the roads? Stephen Blank lays out the barriers such a reality faces. 

The Making of Kurdistan

Who are the Kurds? Is a future Kurdish state possible? In this new series, we explore state-building efforts across the region and the implication of new alliances between Kurds and other actors in light of the fight against ISIS. 
Bay Street - Toronto

Pluralism in Action: Five reasons companies can no longer ignore diversity

Promoting a diverse workforce is not only ethical and right, but has clear strategic advantages, especially in multicultural Toronto, argues Erin Aylward
slum mumbai

Is Canada ready to be a better development cooperation partner?

The government’s International Assistance Review wraps up this month. John Sinclair asks: are the consultations focused enough on the practical and institutional changes needed, from stronger partnerships with the Global South to better planning and dialogue in the field?


Saving Timbuktu's manuscripts

This excerpt in mental_floss from a new book by Joshua Hammer details the covert attempts, led by a scholar and his network of like-minded literary custodians, to save hundreds of thousands of centuries-old books and documents from destruction by radical Islamists. By river and by boat, despite jihadis, bandits and suspicious government soldiers, they risk everything to accomplish their mission. 
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Disappearing water

The drying up of Bolivia's second largest lake is having far reaching effects on a population that is ill-equipped to make a living without its waters, as Nicholas Casey and Josh Haner report in this The New York Times interactive feature. “The lake was our mother and our father,” says one former fisherman. “Without this lake, where do we go?” 


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CIC Edmonton: Annual Branch Meeting

July 12, 2016, Edmonton
Please join the CIC Edmonton Branch for its Annual Branch Meeting.
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Israeli Politics in the Face of Regional Insecurity

July 13, 2016, Calgary
Lecture by Dr. Melanie Schmoll, political scientist.
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CIGI Symposium: International Environmental Governance and Innovation

July 20, 2016, Waterloo
This symposium will focus on innovative legal and comparative approaches for translating international environmental law obligations from theory to practice.

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