Six foreign policy experts weigh in on how Canada can best engage in the war in Syria and Iraq.


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Canada’s Syria Dilemma: What to do in the fight against ISIS

Six experts weigh in on the most pressing dilemma for Trudeau’s new foreign policy. With insights from Rouba Al-Fattal Eeckelaert, Kyle Matthews, Glenn Davidson, Peggy MasonSaeed Rahnema and Stéfanie von Hlatky.

Welcome, Arctic Deeply

Produced by News Deeply, with the support of and the Centre for International Governance Innovation, Arctic Deeply launched this week. Hannah Hoag welcomes the site's first readers.

Why compassion for incoming refugees is now so crucial

Government-airlifted refugees arrive in Canada this week. Compassion, not inflated security concerns, is what’s needed most, says Nicole Tishler.
cop21 map

COP21: More than just hot air?

Paris can bend the curve on climate change, Colin Robertson writes, but success at this year’s climate conference is only one milestone in a long marathon. 

Is Argentina back on the world's map?

While the South American giant had become an international non-entity, the election of Mauricio Macri prompts five factors that may bring it back to heavyweight status, argues Jean Daudelin.
Israel checkpoint

Security after Paris: Is Israel our future?

From troops in the street to growing suspicions of foreigners, David Tabachnick wonders: Is Europe coming to accept draconian measures once associated with an Israeli security state?   
Shanghai marriage

China’s one-child policy hangover

As China’s one-child policy comes to an end, it leaves behind profound demographic and economic consequences, from an aging population to a glut of eligible young bachelors. Henry Lotin reports.


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Shunned in Liberia

During the height of the ebola crisis last year, 30 young Liberian men worked tirelessly to burn the dead bodies of those who had been infected with the disease, to prevent its spread. Instead of being hailed as heroes, these men have been shunned from the very community they were trying to save. Helene Cooper reports for The New York Times.
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The grand strategist from Maryland

“Military strategist, classical scholar, cattle rancher – and an adviser to presidents, prime ministers, and the Dalai Lama. Just who is Edward Luttwak?” This Guardian profile by Thomas Meaney follows Luttwak from Santa Cruz to Zurich to Washington, and takes a look at the career and motivations of this modern day Machiavelli.

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