The seaside French town of Biarritz hosts the G7 summit this weekend, but with an unpredictable US president at the table, it’s hard to anticipate what progress will be made, writes Thomas Bernes.


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What to expect as G7 leaders meet in France

G7 in France
The seaside French town of Biarritz hosts the G7 summit this weekend, but with an unpredictable US president at the table, it’s hard to anticipate what progress will be made on key international issues, writes Thomas Bernes.

Ebola in Congo: What you need to know

From Canada’s involvement to a breakthrough in treatment, here are five things to know to better understand the latest outbreak. By Katherina Thomas.

The high stakes in Hong Kong’s battle for democracy

There are two possible outcomes of the current Hong Kong protests: success for pro-democracy demonstrators or an authoritarian triumph for China. As Michael Petrou writes, either result will have dire consequences for democracy everywhere.
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Can Canada play a part in averting the collapse of arms control?

As the INF Treaty falls apart due to a lack of US and Russian participation, Canada should help do its bit to avert the unravelling of global arms control, argue Emily Enright and M. V. Ramana.

The dark side of moon exploration

Landing on the moon 50 years ago was a major achievement. But, as Jessica West writes, renewing a space race without checks and balances only spells trouble.


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Syria, after war

After half a year, New York Times correspondent Vivian Yee, her interpreter and her photographer were finally granted entry into Syria, where they spent eight days documenting what “victory” — after a civil war that cost half a million lives — looks like: “We found ruin and generosity, people grieving and people getting through the day. Suffering had been unequally distributed…The recovery, too, was unevenly shared.”

Crisis in Italy

Italy’s parliament is in chaos this week, after Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte resigned as a result of the scuppering of his coalition government by Interior Minister Matteo Salvini. Italy’s Senate has already passed Salvini’s anti-immigration security decree, which lays out punitive measures for ships rescuing migrants in Italian waters. What happens if Salvini manages to become prime minister? Cecilia Butini reports for Foreign Policy.


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Whither The Islamic State?

Sept. 9, 2019, Ottawa
The first event of the new season of the CIC National Capital’s Middle East Study Group (MESG), featuring Phil Gurski, a distinguished analyst and author who is well-known for his extensive work on security and intelligence matters regarding violent extremism and radicalization in Canada and abroad.
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Alone in the World? Directions for Canada in a Changing World

Sept. 10, 2019, Ottawa
A panel on foreign policy in the 2019 federal election, featuring Brian Bow, Pascale Massot and Roland Paris.
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Cinema Series: "The Corporate Coup D'État"

Sept. 17, 2019, Waterloo
A screening of an investigative documentary that blends the insights of philosophers, authors and journalists with the experiences of citizens of the US Rust Belt, where the steel industry once flourished, but where closures and outsourcing have left urban areas desolate and hopeless.

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