We look at the foreign policy issues that have become more urgent in recent weeks, as the six-month countdown to Canada’s federal election begins.


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Election 2019: Why China, views on immigration and defence operations matter

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As the six-month countdown to Canada’s federal election begins, our columnists Andrew Potter, Stéfanie von Hlatky and Naheed Mustafa look at the foreign policy issues that have become more urgent in recent weeks.

Reporting the Rwanda Genocide: Reflections from journalist Catherine Bond

In this interview with OpenCanada’s Catherine Tsalikis, Catherine Bond, who was on the ground during the 1994 killings in Rwanda, looks back on media coverage of the genocide — including her own reporting — with a critical eye.
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How to tackle disinformation

Influence operations are not new, but, Eric Jardine asks, what makes those in the digital era more dangerous to democracy? And, how can we counter the problem?

Canada and the World, Ep. 38: Preparing for economic crisis

What keeps global economy experts up at night? Is it Brexit, Chinese debt, the impact of technology on work, or the “unknown unknowns”? This episode brings together several guests who were in Washington, D.C. recently for the spring meetings of the International Monetary Fund: Rachel Ziemba, Babak Abbaszadeh, Bob Fay and Tom Bernes.


Taliban talks

As talks between Afghans and the Taliban move in fits and starts, BBC chief international correspondent Lyse Doucet writes that “this historic step is concentrating women’s minds on how much they stand to win — or lose.” In Kabul, Doucet speaks with women who’ve beaten the odds, rising to become ministers, journalists and other professionals. They are determined not to let their gains be wiped away, no matter who’s in power in the future.
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Bannon’s next project

A couple of hours outside of Rome sits a thirteenth-century monastery — the future home of a new school of populism spearheaded by Donald Trump’s former chief strategist, Steve Bannon. For The Globe and Mail, Eric Reguly examines how Bannon plans on using the monastery as a base to spread his brand of anti-elite, right-wing nationalism across Europe and beyond.


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Cinema Series and Panel Discussion: “Netizens”

April 30, 2019, Waterloo
A screening of the 2018 film “Netizens” followed by an expert panel.
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The Art of Diplomacy: Book Launch Event

April 30, 2019, Ottawa
A book launch for The Art of Diplomacy: Strengthening the Canada-US Relationship in Times of Uncertainty, the new memoir from former US Ambassador to Canada Bruce Heyman and philanthropist Vicki Heyman.
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Human Rights in China: What Can Canada Do?

May 8, 2019, Ottawa
A discussion between Sophie Richardson, China Director for Human Rights Watch, and David Kilgour, former Secretary of State for Latin America and Africa and for Asia-Pacific.

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