Newman: Is North America dead?

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30 January, 2012
By: Don Newman
Chairman of Canada 2020, Senior Columnist with

How could a continent with more well educated people than any other, more natural resources than most others, and in the United States and Canada the first and tenth ranked economies in the world be dead?

What is dead at the moment appears to be most American politicians — at least from the neck up.

And one assumes that as in times past, those dead head politicians will either be resurrected or replaced by others who understand the need for sensible tax policies, and realistic foreign policies.

Sadly, the coming 2012 elections may not show much sign of that happening yet.

But as Winston Churchill once remarked:

“The Americans always do the right thing. After they have tried everything else.”

Sooner or later, that will happen.

In Canada the right thing we need to do is to make our economy more competitive. So far we do more talking than doing on this front. But at least we have identified the problem.

So, like Mark Twain, the death of North America is “Greatly Exaggerated!”

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