Nahlah Ayed on Refugee Camps, Journalism, and Egypt

A conversation with CBC correspondent Nahlah Ayed about refugee camps, the future of journalism, and Egypt.

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June 25, 2012

At the age of six, Nahlah Ayed moved with her family from her hometown of Winnipeg to the Al-Wihdat refugee camp in Jordan. Her parents, both Palestinian refugees, wanted to teach their children about their heritage first hand. The experience was, needless to say, an eye-opener. So begins Ayed’s new memoir A Thousand Farewells, which begins with her childhood experiences in Jordan and continues through her years as a foreign correspondent for the CBC in the Middle East and elsewhere.

Ayed live chatted with Senior Editor Taylor Owen about her childhood, how reporting has changed, and the current state of the Arab Spring in Syria and Egypt. Below is a transcript of that chat.