McKenna: Canada should “make it a national priority to ensure we have the capacity to export our energy products beyond the US, and specifically to Asia.” Agree?

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February 9, 2012

Canada should make it a national priority to develop an overarching energy policy. This policy needs to consider more than where we export our energy products. It needs to include domestic and international considerations, as well as how we can save some of our petroleum revenues for the benefit of future generations. It also needs to consider alternative sources of energy and how we can meet the Government’s own greenhouse targets.

Canada also needs a China policy. China has huge energy needs and we are well placed to help meet them. However, China shouldn’t simply be seen as a “third option” that we turn to when our relationship with the US hits a rough patch. China is already a large investor in our energy sector and these investments could increase substantially in the future. Canada needs to have a long-term plan about how we want to engage with China, including with respect to our energy sector.