Matthews: Can the Egyptian revolution be counted a success while the Armed Forces remain in power?

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November 16, 2011

There are numerous signs emanating out of Egypt that cause me to view the outcome of the revolution as being cosmetic and not worth cheering for. Yes, the people did get rid of Mubarak but is the country in a better position that it was before? The military is firmly in power but yet the tourism industry has not yet regained its pre-revolutionary numbers of visitors thereby putting a major strain on the country’s economy. Attacks against Egypt’s Christian minority, the Copts, have continued rather than diminish. Many among them are now worried about their future (especially should the Muslim Brotherhood take power) and are openly considering leaving the country. Important energy infrastructure, especially the natural gas pipelines destined for Israel and Jordan, have been sabotaged many times over the past few months. These three developments are not exactly how I would define success.