Levant: Should the World Bank consider non-Americans for its next president?

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March 22, 2012

Absolutely. Not just for non-Americans in general. The presidency should be set aside for someone from Greece.
But let’s not play favourites. Ireland, Spain and Portugal should have set-aside seats on the board. Like the permanent members of the UN Security Council. Maybe throw in a veto for them too.
Sound silly? No sillier than most international organizations. The United Nations Human Rights Council is packed with odious dictatorships – occasionally chaired by them. International treaties like the Kyoto Protocol are routinely signed by the world’s biggest polluters – like China – that have no intention of complying with them. Same thing with the world’s international courts: Ahmadinejad and Mugabe have nothing to fear from them. But Dick Cheney and George Bush are routinely threatened with subpoenas.
The only thing left to do is change the World Bank’s official language – to Chinese.