Kinsman: Which state nuclear program poses the greatest threat to global security today?

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February 19, 2013
Jeremy Kinsman
Former ambassador to the European Union and high commissioner to Britain

The one that scares me the most is Pakistan’s. Anything could happen there.

There is a world landscape issue. New nuclear weapons states point to double standards. Obama’s wish to downsize the U.S. and Russian arsenals via the New Start improves the atmosphere. What would be most positive for deterrence, including of Iran, is for the U.K. and France to dump their own useless vanity nuclear weapons programs. They were the first to play the game of claiming false big-power status from having the Bomb, linked to their anachronistic vanity claim to permanent seats on the Security Council. Together, they have done more to degrade the UN’s credibility than all the authoritarian states combined. (Which countries at the UN blocked resolute UN intervention in Rwanda in 1994?) It’s all linked.