2011 International Book List: Wade Davis

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January 2, 2012

Questions for Author Wade Davis:

1. What is the best international affairs book you have read in 2011 (Canadian or otherwise?)

Several books by Max Hastings. Within the last months I have read Winston’s War, Armageddon, Retribution, and most recently his sweeping account of the war, Inferno.

2. What was the biggest international event of 2011?

The Arab Spring, with the euro meltdown a close second.

3. Who was the biggest international influencer of 2011?

China, as it has been for the last decade.

4. Who was the biggest Canadian international influencer of 2011?

Prime Minister Harper who has done more in his tenure to compromise the essential values and reputation of our country than I ever would have thought possible from a single man.

5. What was Canada’s best international moment of 2011?

Getting out of Afghanistan and repudiating Kyoto.

6. What was Canada’s worst international moment of 2011?

Repudiating Kyoto.