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Meet the 2013 #cdnfp Twitterati. They are the journalists, commentators, academics and practitioners with two things in common: they have a Canadian connection and they’re driving foreign affairs discussion on Twitter. This list is our answer to Foreign Policy’s rather Canada-light who’s who of Twitter. We’ve divided up our list into four categories – journalists and writers; thinkers and doers; organizations; and politicians and public servants (plus a couple of bonus categories). You can browse using the menus below. And don’t forget to read the introduction to the list from Carolyn McCaffrey. Who did we miss? Let us know on Twitter @TheCIC.

Journalists and Writers

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Politicians and Public Servants

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Who We Wish Would Tweet More

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Introducing the 2013 #cdnfp Twitterati

Introducing the 2013 #cdnfp Twitterati


Carolyn McCaffrey introduces OpenCanada’s list of who’s driving the Canadian foreign policy conversation on Twitter.