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The 2014 #cdnfp Twitterati

Series Contributors:

Meet the 2014 #cdnfp Twitterati. This is our latest installment of journalists and writers; politicians and public servants; thinkers and doers and organizations who have a Canadian connection and are actively and consistently engaging on Twitter regarding Canadian foreign policy (#cdnfp) and international affairs. Being on Twitter is one thing – actively engaging the twitterverse in quality dialogue on Canadian foreign policy is another. These picks are our recommended go-to accounts for #cdnfp. Aside from these accounts, we’ve also put together a category on those individuals we would like to see tweeting and lending their voice to the much-needed conversation on Canadian issues. We hope you get acquainted, and join the conversation!

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Writers and Journalists

Matthieu Aikins | @mattaikins

Matthieu Aikins has reported from Afghanistan and Iraq for the likes of Harper’s, Wired,The Atlantic, and The Walrus since 2008, and as U.S. and NATO troops pull out, the Kabul-based Canadian journalist is staying put. His 2013 investigation for Rolling Stone on possible war crimes by U.S. Special Forces in Nerkh, Afghanistan made its rounds on Twitter and the web as one of the most talked about writings on international affairs.

Hadeel Al-Shalchi | @hadeelalsh

Hadeel Al-Shalchi is an Iraqi-Canadian journalist based in Cairo who has previously worked with CBC Radio, Associated Press, and Reuters. Al-Shalchi’s feed is an in-depth look at Egypt on the ground, filled with fascinating commentary on the Middle East and beyond.

Nahlah Ayed

Foreign Correspondent, CBC | @NahlahAyed

Nahlah Ayed is a CBC foreign correspondent who curates a rich and insightful feed focusing on the Middle East, North Africa, and beyond.

Natalie Brender

Freelance Writer | @nataliebrender

While her following on Twitter remains modest, Dr. Natalie Brender is an up-and-coming voice in the #cdnfp Twitterverse. She writes a weekly column for the Toronto Star and blogs about international affairs for the University of Ottawa’s Centre for International Policy Studies. A former speechwriter for the Hon. Bill Graham (who happens to be Chair of the Canadian International Council), Brender’s feed is one to watch in 2014.

Lee Berthiaume

Parliamentary Reporter, Postmedia News | @leeberthiaume

Lee Bethiaume’s feed delivers up-to-date commentary on #cdnfp issues straight from the heart of Ottawa. Not afraid to ask the tough questions or utilize the @replies, Lee goes above and beyond in discussing international affairs through the Canadian lens.

Tom Clark

Chief Political Correspondent and “The West Block” Host, Global News | @tomclarktv

Tom Clark’s feed will keep you informed about everything from pipelines to North Pole politics to Syria, often with a critical and unapologetic tone. And utilizing those @replies? Doing it right.

Lyse Doucet

Chief International Correspondent, BBC | @bbclysedoucet

BBC veteran Lyse Doucet splits her time between London and the field, but still calls Canada her country. Doucet maintains a lively stream, striking the right balance between retweets, @replies, and her own real-time reporting.

Madelaine Drohan

Canada Correspondent, The Economist | @mdrohan

Madelaine Drohan has written for The Economist since 2006 and is the author of our 2012 report, The 9 Habits of Highly Effective Resource Economies: Lessons for Canada. On and off Twitter, Drohan covers Canada from a global perspective.

Dalia Ezzat

Middle East Analyst | @DaliaEzzat

Tweeting in multiple languages and commenting on issues in the Middle East and beyond, Dalia Ezzat stands out for her ability to speak to a global audience without losing her Toronto-based perspective.

Mohamed Fahmy

Journalist, Al Jazeera | @Repent11

The Egyptian-Canadian is among three journalists currently imprisoned in Egypt since December 29 whose charges allegedly include “broadcasting false news that harmed national security”. Mohamed Fahmy’s account continues to be updated, from the looks of it by family members, delivering a rather fascinating look at the world response as well as the deeper issues raging on in Egypt. 

Tarek Fatah

Writer and Broadcaster | @TarekFatah

Tarek is an author and columnist with the Toronto Sun as well as a host on Toronto’s CFRB Newstalk 1010. Although often controversial, Tarek Fatah speaks his mind, whether it be on air or on print.


Colin Freeze

National Security Reporter, The Globe and Mail | @Colinfreeze

Security, law, and technology are all fair game for this Toronto based national security reporter. If you’re looking for analysis of all things Snowden, NSA, or CSEC related, Colin Freeze is the man to follow.

David Frum

Contributing Editor, The Daily Beast/CNN | @davidfrum

David Frum, the Canadian-born conservative pundit and is a frequent tweeter with a focus on American politics, with the occasional nod to events unfolding north of the border.


Dan Gardner

Columnist, Ottawa Citizen | @dgardner

A self-proclaimed “skeptic”, Dan Gardner is a writer, journalist, and lecturer, and delivers a high volume riveting conversation about everything from unemployment numbers to the intricacies of the Canada-U.S. relationship.


Michael Geist

Canada Research Chair in Internet and E-commerce Law, University of Ottawa Law | @mgeist

With regular columns in the Toronto Star and Ottawa Citizen, Michael Geist delivers a much-appreciated feed of technology and tech law related stories.


Terry Glavin

Columnist, Ottawa Citizen | @TerryGlavin

Terry Glavin is a BC author and journalist who delivers high action coverage of everything from the environment to NATO. No stranger to controversy and debate, Glavin’s account is the go-to place for  heated IR discussion.


Lisa Goldman

Director, Israel-Palestine Initiative: New America Foundation | @lisang

When news breaks in the Middle East, Lisa Goldman is likely live-tweeting it. The Israeli-Canadian writer’s tweets are informative, edgy, and always engaging.

Kate Heartfield

Editorial Editor, Ottawa Citizen | @kateheartfield

Kate Heartfield brings all the #cdnpoli action, straight from Ottawa, with a fiction writer’s edge. Feed often features musings on everything from government policy to women in journalism to the latest in fiction.

Naomi Klein

Author | @NaomiAKlein

This Canadian author may retweet a lot, but won’t flood your feed. Her insightful commentary injects plenty of her own analysis on everything from pipeline politics to the Olympics.


Kris Kotarski

Columnist, Calgary Herald | @kotarski

Kris Kotarski writes for the Herald and tweets for the Institute for War and Peace Reporting. Democracy, human rights, and surveillance are recurring themes in Kotarski’s tweets.


Sophie Langlois

Africa Correspondent, Radio-Canada | @SRClanglois

Sophie Langlois has covered Africa for Radio-Canada since 2007. On Twitter, Langlois curates real-time reporting and critical commentary from across the continent and beyond.

Jean-Frédéric Légaré-Tremblay

Journalist | @JeanFrederic_LT

Jean-Frédéric Légaré-Tremblay writes for Le Devoir and L’actualité, and is a researcher at Université du Québec à Montréal. The journalist-academic’s Twitter is a testament to his focus on international affairs and ranges from commentary on aid initiatives to Mongolian politics.

David Ljunggren

Political Correspondent, Reuters Canada | @reutersLjungg

Stationed in Ottawa, David Ljunggren is often first to bring us scoop on anything #cdnpoli related with a foreign policy angle.

Mark MacKinnon

Senior International Correspondent, The Globe and Mail | @markmackinnon

Mark MacKinnon’s feed keeps tabs on everything China and Russia, and now with his move to London, UN aid efforts and EU issues as well. Mark has also recently been on the ground in Kyiv providing terrific coverage of the #Euromaidan protests.

Catherine Mercier

Former China Correspondent, CBC/Radio-Canada | @cathmerc

Catherine Mercier has covered the UN in New York and all things China in Beijing before returning to Quebec. On Twitter, the bilingual journalist still provides an incredible window into developments in China and Canada’s relations and interests in the region.


Carl Meyer

Co-editor and Reporter, Embassy News | @ottawacarl

Carl Meyer’s feed will keep you posted on major #cdnfp developments coming out of Ottawa as soon as they happen. OpenCanada also collaborated with Meyer for our The End of Privacy in-depth series.


Sara Mojtehedzadeh

Broadcast Journalist, BBC Africa | @saramojtehedz

A Canadian export to the U.K., Sara Mojtehedzadeh covered Sky News’ political desk in London before taking her current post at BBC Africa. Sara’s feed features impressive coverage on everything from the latest conflict updates to Canadian operations abroad.

Naheed Mustafa

Journalist | @NaheedMustafa

Naheed Mustafa is a Pakistani-Canadian print and radio journalist based in Toronto. Mustafa tweets on Afghanistan and Pakistan with plenty of personal anecdotes in between.

Stephanie Nolen

Latin America Correspondent, The Globe and Mail | @snolen

Stephanie Nolen has reported from more than 40 countries and opened three of The Globe and Mail’s foreign bureaus in the last decade, one in Africa, one in India, and now one in Brazil. Now based in Rio de Janeiro, Nolen keeps things interesting on Twitter, not afraid to utilize @replies and retweets, Nolen sets the bar high for true Twitter engagement.

Doug Saunders

International Affairs Columnist, The Globe and Mail | @DougSaunders

Doug Saunders is TheGlobe and Mail’s international affairs columnist based in Toronto. The conversationalist’s tweets are sharp, lively, and often speak to larger questions looming behind the headlines.

Michelle Shephard

National Security Reporter, Toronto Star | @shephardm

The Toronto Star’s national security reporter since 9/11, Michelle Shephard has delivered some unparalleled coverage from Afghanistan to Guantanamo. Her experience has contributed to a producing credit on the Oscar-nominated documentary “Under Fire: Journalists in Combat” and another in the works based on her experience frequenting Guantanamo Bay.

Mercedes Stephenson

Parliamentary Reporter, CTV News | @CTVMercedes

Mercedes Stephenson is a security specialist turned journalist based in Ottawa with CTV News. Stephenson’s feed is your go-to for play-by-play coverage of breaking news on Parliament Hill and beyond.

Nathan VanderKlippe

Beijing Correspondent, The Globe and Mail | @nvanderklippe

Need the latest on China and its neighbours? Nathan VanderKlippe is your go-to. Often tweeting on the complexities of the China-Canada relationship, VanderKlippe brings an important Canadian perspective to happenings on the other side of the Pacific.


Paul Waldie

European Bureau Chief, The Globe and Mail | @pwaldieglobe

Paul Waldie is a former national editor of the National Post and has worked at newspapers in Vancouver, Winnipeg, and Montreal. Now in London, Waldie’s feed is a wildcard: from economics to sovereignty movements to hockey, this Twitter covers a range of issues on the continent and worldwide.


Paul Wells

Political Editor, Maclean’s Magazine | @InklessPW

As a writer and journalist based in Ottawa, Paul Wells not only delivers timely commentary on the latest from the Hill, but knows how to lighten up on Twitter with sharp and witty engagements.

Geoffrey York

Africa Bureau Chief, The Globe and Mail | @geoffreyyork

Based in Johannesburg, Geoffrey York is Canada’s only newspaper correspondent stationed on the continent. From Nelson Mandela’s passing to the developments in South Sudan, York covers a lot of ground as The Globe and Mail’s eyes and ears on the continent.

Michelle Zilio

Reporter, iPolitics | @MichelleZilio

Reporting on foreign policy, immigration, defence, and the Arctic on the Ottawa beat, Michelle Zilio brings a strong, active voice to the #cdnfp conversation that we hope will spread to more #cdnpoli tweeters.

Civil Servants and Politicians

Chris Alexander

Canadian Minister of Citizenship and Immigration | @MinChrisA

Chris Alexander’s Twitter is full of updates on all things immigration and community outreach. Aside from the further engagement we would like to see from all politicians and public servants on Twitter, Alexander’s experience and past post as Canada’s Ambassador to Afghanistan puts him in an ideal position to offer commentary on unfolding events in that country, Canada’s evolving role, and impact on the region as a whole.

John Baird

Minister of Foreign Affairs | @HonJohnBaird

John Baird doesn’t hold back, whether it’s in Question Period or on Twitter.  Strong political updates mixed in with hockey commentary and picture captioning challenges make this account a must follow.

Andrew Bennett | @FreedomReligion

The Ambassador of Religious Freedom is new to the Twitterverse but he is off to an impressive start, provoking discussion and engaging with his followers. Loose enough to joke about autocorrect amid tighter policy tweets, the Ambassador seems to be making the most out of the platform so far.


Vivian Bercovici

Canada’s Ambassador to Israel | @VivianBercovici

As Canada’s new Ambassador to Israel, this Toronto lawyer’s appointment was much discussed and debated in the Twitterverse, and we are excited to hear some of her thoughts on the new post, world affairs, and future plans on the job. We welcome her to Twitter, and hope to see some great #twiplomacy engagement!


Christy Clark

Premier, British Columbia | @christyclarkbc

After winning an election that she was widely expected to lose last year, Christy Clark has sought to cement British Columbia as Canada’s gateway to the Pacific, headlined by her government’s focus on BC’s LNG export potential and the controversial Northern Gateway pipeline. On Twitter, Clark’s feed will keep you updated on the province’s engagement across the Pacific, along with the premier’s active engagement with in-province affairs.

Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development | @DFATDCanada

After DFAIT and CIDA’s merger, the new DFATD has a lot of ground to cover. The account offers an inside look into our foreign affairs and trade functions while @DFATD_DEV covers all things development, world health, and initiatives Canada is involved in.


Paul Dewar

Official Opposition Critic for Foreign Affairs | @PaulDewar

Ottawa Centre MP Paul Dewar is the NDP’s Foreign Affairs Critic. When Question Period is over, Dewar takes his critiques to Twitter.

Julian Fantino

Minister of Veteran’s Affairs | @JulianFantino

Previously the Minister for International Cooperation, Vaughan MP Julian Fantino assumed the Veterans post in 2013. Though not too busy, Mr. Fantino’s feed will keep you updated on Canada’s veteran’s affairs events and initiatives.


Chrystia Freeland

Liberal Critic for International Trade | @cafreeland

As a journalist, writer, and newly elected federal representative, Chrystia Freeland curates an engaging and provoking account of everything Canadian, from education to trade. Freeland’s tweets also feature interesting commentary of current events around the world with a strong Canadian voice.

Marc Garneau  

Liberal Critic for Foreign Affairs | @MarcGarneau

Marc Garneau is a retired astronaut, Wesmount-Ville Marie MP, and the Liberal foreign affairs critic. Garneau mixes it up on Twitter, impressively using @replies to reach out to his followers.

Stephen Harper

Prime Minister of Canada | @pmharper

While Stephen Harper’s cautiously crafted Twitter feed is typical of most world statesmen, some of his recent tweets have been more offbeat. Harper’s references to Seinfeld, the Mayans, and #beliebers have nothing to do with #cdnfp, but they might be signs that he’s getting more comfortable in the medium. Here’s to also hoping the Beatles-inspired #dayinthelife live-tweet of his days on the Hill becomes a recurring tradition.

Michaëlle Jean

27th Governor General of Canada | @MichaelleJeanF

The former Governor General of Canada keeps a steady timeline of posts in both English and French. Whether it’s focusing on her native Haiti or promoting social justice and peace initiatives, Michaelle Jean sets the bar high for those wishing to be more consistent, passionate and engaging on Twitter.

Shuvaloy Majumdar

Director of Policy to John Baird, Minister of Foreign Affairs | @shuvmajumdar

A former Visiting Foreign Policy Scholar at UBC, Shuvaloy Majumdar’s previous work also includes democracy initiatives in Afghanistan and studying the intersection of cyberspace and political space in the Egyptian revolution. Getting more frequent with his tweets, Majumdar’s feed recently has featured updates on Baird’s activity as well as commentary on news from the Middle East and beyond.


Martha McLean

Communications, DFATD | @mjmclean

Martha McLean has worked in online communications at DFATD for more than a decade. On Twitter, you’ll find McLean championing the platform internally. 

Rob Nicholson

Minister of National Defence | @HonRobNicholson

A federal politician since 1984, with a move to municipal politics before returning to Ottawa in 2004, Nicholson has plenty of experience in numerous posts and areas that have the workings of a truly engaging Twitter presence. We would love to see Mr. Nicholson post more often and offer his unique perspective on #cdnfp and defence policy.


Christian Paradis

Minister of International Development and Minister for La Francophonie | @christianparad

Since taking on the international development portfolio last year, Paradis has provided a steady stream of updates on Canadian foreign policy initiative in both official languages.

Jarrett Reckseidler

Political Officer, Mission of Canada to the EU | @jarrettreckse

Jarrett Reckseidler’s timely commentary ranges from human rights to development at Canada’s EU mission. With an interactive feed that offers a glimpse into Canadian foreign policy in action, Reckseidler practices the twiplomacy he preaches and makes up one of our favourite #cdnfp accounts.

Alison Redford

Premier, Alberta | @Premier_Redford

Alberta’s first female Premier has been making big waves with her province’s National Energy Strategy, with major implications for Canada’s energy exports, whether it be eastward, westward, or southward. Redford’s Twitter account is a smartly curated feed of everything from pipelines to veterans, with some great @replies mixed in.

Ben Rowswell

Director of Innovation, DFATD | @benrowswell

Ben Rowswell’s foreign service career has taken him to Egypt, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Now Ottawa-based, Rowswell’s feed often features reflections on digital diplomacy and the future of Canada’s foreign service.

Nicolas Sabourin

Economic Counsellor, Canadian Embassy in the Netherlands | @NicolasSabourin

An avid supporter of twiplomacy, Nicolas Sabourin highlights the key happenings in the Netherlands and beyond with a Canadian vantage point.


Consulate General of Canada, New York | @CanadaNY

This account has got it all: updates on official business and events? Check. Wide range of world affairs coverage as well as interesting stories from around the web? Check. Pop culture references to mix it up? Check. As one of our longest standing Twitter-active missions abroad, the team at Canada’s New York consultate is unmatched when it comes to cleverly promoting Canadian interests beyond our borders.

Embassy of Canada in the U.S, Washington DC | @Connect2Canada

One of our first Twitter-active missions abroad, this account keeps an impressive, updated account of all things Canada-US.

Thinkers and Doers

Robert Asselin

Associate Director, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Ottawa | @rasselin66

With expertise on Canadian and Quebec politics, public administration, and American politics, Robert Asselin brings an important bilingual voice to Canadian politics, both domestic and foreign. Asselin tweets in both English and French about the latest developments from Ottawa as well as international affairs.

François Audet

Université du Québec à Montréal | @FrancoisAudet

As the professor and director of the Canadian Research Institute on Humanitarian Crisis and Aid, François Audet delivers great running commentary of all things conflict and aid.


Avril Benoît

Project Manager, Médecins Sans Frontières | @avrilbenoit

Avril Benoît is a former CBC broadcaster and Médecins Sans Frontières communications director. Currently stationed in Doro, South Sudan, Avril’s tweets offer a first person account of the developing unrest as well as international aid efforts.

Chris Blattman

Assistant Professor, Columbia University | @cblatts

Chris Blattman is a professor of international development at Columbia whose research focuses on poverty and violence in Africa. Tweets may feature the South Sudan conflict, Cindy Lauper, and musing on the afterlife.

Stephanie Carvin

Adjunct Professor, University of Ottawa | @StephanieCarvin

Formerly based in London, England, Stephanie Carvin specializes in international law, security, and, lately, drones.

François-Philippe Champagne

Co-President, Banff Forum | @FPCChampagne

Named by the World Economic Forum as a Young Global Leader, François-Philippe Champagne is the Co-President of the Banff Forum, Canada’s answer to Davos. Having recently returned to his native Quebec, Champagne’s feed remains refreshingly global in scope.

Christine Cheng

Lecturer, King’s College London | @cheng_christine

Christine Cheng is a Canadian professor of international relations at King’s College London. Cheng’s tweets cover conflict, corruption, women in politics, and lots more in between.

Gabriella Coleman

Professor, McGill University | @BiellaColeman

A cultural anthropologist, Gabriella Coleman researches, writes, and teaches on computer hackers and digital activism. Her Twitter feed often features privacy, hackers, and the fascinating as well as absurd from all around the world.


Daryl Copeland

Senior Fellow, Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute | @guerrilladiplo

Daryl Copeland is an analyst, author, educator, and consultant specializing in the intersection of science, technology, diplomacy, and international policy. Although we wish Copeland could slightly up his tweeting game, his discussions on the current state of diplomacy and the latest in the surveillance sphere offer some terrific insight. 


Ron Deibert

Professor, University of Toronto | @RonDeibert

Ron Deibert is a professor of political science and the director of the University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab. The academic’s feed keeps tabs on everything you want to know regarding the NSA, cyberwar, and international security.

Julian Dierkes

Associate Professor, University of British Columbia | @jdierkes

Julian Dierkes is a sociologist and UBC professor who specializes in contemporary Mongolia and Japan. On Twitter, Dierkes interacts with Mongolian legislators, tweets in Japanese, and highlights where Canadian interests intersect with Asia. We also applaud his recent defence of #twiplomacy.


Renée Filiatrault

Commentator | @reneefilly

Renée Filiatrault has served under national defence ministers at home and on Task Force Kandahar in Afghanistan. The former public servant’s feed reflects her defence expertise and passion for an engaging platform to communicate with her followers.

Scott Gilmore

CEO and Founder, Building Markets | @Scott_Gilmore

Scott Gilmore is a Canadian ex-diplomat turned champion of local entrepreneurs. Gilmore’s tweets regularly feature development, intervention, and plenty of personal anecdotes.

Robert Greenhill

Managing Director, World Economic Forum | @RobertGreenhill

Former CIDA president Robert Greenhill joined the WEF in 2008. On Twitter, Greenhill brings together a variety of views to provide highly insightful commentary.

Robert Guerra

Founder, Privaterra | @netfreedom

Specializing in internet freedom, internet governance, and human rights, Guerra delivers a feed that contributes an essential voice to today’s conversations on privacy in the digital age. He also works as a Senior Advisor to Ron Deibert’s Citizen Lab.

David Hornsby

Senior International Relations Lecturer and Assistant Dean, University of the Witwatersrand | @DavidJHornsby

With a focus on international political economy, David Hornsby contributes outstanding commentary on a range of topics, including trade conflict emergence and Canadian foreign policy in Africa. On Twitter, Hornsby maintains an informative and engaging account, discussing everything from international trade to aid and conflict developments. David Hornsby is also a frequent contributor to’s Roundtable blog.

Brett House

Senior Fellow, Centre for International Governance Innovation | @BrettEHouse

Brett House is a Visiting Scholar at Columbia University’s Chazen Institute of International Business and has been named a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum. His extensive experience and studies in economics and world markets is reflected in his Twitter presence, which ranges from chats on corruption to sovereign debt, mixed in with updates on CIGI events.


Jennifer Jeffs

President, Canadian International Council | @jenjeffs

An expert in international political economy, the Canadian International Council’s president regularly delivers live updates and critical commentary whether it is from New York City, Mexico City, London, or Toronto.


Philippe Lagassé

Assistant Professor, University of Ottawa | @pmlagasse

Philippe Lagassé is a professor of public and international affairs at the University of Ottawa. An academic back-and-forth, Lagassé’s feed is utilizing Twitter as a platform for engagement and debate to its fullest.

Andrew Leach

Enbridge Professor of Energy Policy, University of Alberta | @andrew_leach

As a writer, professor, and former visiting scholar and consultant to Environment Canada, Andrew Leach’s Twitter is full of informed debate on oil sands and Canada’s energy landscape.

Jason Lyall

Political Science Professor, Yale University | @jaylyall_red5

Jason Lyall’s research focuses on the dynamics and effects of violence in conventional and guerrilla wars with an emphasis on Afghanistan and Russia’s Northern Caucasus. Lyall’s Twitter often features discussions on Afghanistan and international unrest, as well as engagement on issues north of the border.

Pierre Martin

Political Science Professor, University of Montreal | @pmartin_UdeM

With a lively mix of politics and pop culture, Pierre will have you covered on President Obama’s foreign policy pronouncements as well as his comments on “House of Cards”. Tweeting in both English and French, this account is perfect for informative discussion as well as a laugh.


Kyle Matthews

Senior Deputy Director, Will to Intervene Project | @kylecmatthews

Tweeting in both official languages, Kyle is a terrific source for #R2P news and analysis, and also offers consistent, thoughtful commentary on world affairs. Recent discussions of note include Quebec politics as well as developments in Central African Republic, Syria, and Ukraine. He is also president of CIC’s Montreal Branch.

John McArthur

Senior Fellow, UN Foundation | @mcarthur

John McArthur is an international development economist with the UN Foundation and the Brookings Institution. McArthur calls himself an optimist and mostly tweets on the future of development.

Catherine McKenna

Executive Director, Banff Forum| @cathmckenna

Catherine McKenna consistently tweets on inequality, women, and the law in Canada and beyond. She works as the Executive Director of the Banff Forum and also teaches at the Munk School of Global Affairs. McKenna is also championing engagement on Twitter, often using @replies and opening up topics for discussion.

Errol Mendes

Professor, University of Ottawa | @3mendous

Errol Mendes is a law professor and frequent critic of Canada’s Conservative government. Mendes tweets a mix of politics, aid, and human rights.

Frédéric Mérand

Professor, University of Montréal | @FredericMerand

An expert in European security and defence, Frédéric Mérand also has stints at DFAIT and Centre for International Peace and Security Studies under his belt. On Twitter Mérand has been championing #twiplomacy and staying engaged in #cdnfp discussion.


David Miller

President and CEO, World Wide Fund for Nature Canada | @iamdavidmiller

Formerly Toronto’s mayor and urban diplomat, David Miller now advises the likes of the World Bank and OECD. Miller’s interactive feed takes on environmental issues, trade, and often musings from TTC experiences.

Bessma Momani

Political Science Professor, University of Waterloo and the Balsillie School of International Affairs | @b_momani

A specialist on the IMF, the Arab Spring, the global economy, and economic liberalization in the Middle East, Bessma Momani delivers insightful commentary on global governance issues. As a Senior Fellow at the Centre For International Governance and Innovation, Momani also brings her discussion to Twitter with outstanding and engaging material.

Bob Murray 

Adjunct Professor, University of Alberta | @DrRWM

As a Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies, and professor at the University of Alberta, Murray shares his expertise in a lively and engaging stream on Twitter. Tweets often include a range of topics from the UN to the Arctic and global security.


Samer Muscati

Researcher, Human Rights Watch | @SamerHRW

Samer Muscati is a Canadian lawyer, documentary photographer, and human rights researcher. On Twitter, Muscati presents international commentary on the subjects of aid and privacy.

Samantha Nutt

Founder and Executive Director, War Child North America | @SamanthaNutt

Samantha Nutt is a physician, humanitarian, and professor at the University of Toronto. We would love to see Nutt’s feed more often engaged on the great conversations it encourages via @replies and retweets.

Taylor Owen

Editor-in-Chief, | @taylor_owen

Taylor Owen is the Editor-in-Chief of, Canada’s hub for international affairs, and Director of the International Relations and Digital Technology Project. Now based in New York, where he works @TowCenter at Columbia University, Taylor tweets at the intersection of international relations, technology, and journalism.

Roland Paris

Associate Professor, University of Ottawa | @rolandparis

As the Director of the Centre for International Policy Studies at the University of Ottawa, Paris chimes in with smart, edgy commentary on #cdnfp and foreign affairs, offering much needed critical perspective on Canada’s foreign policy agenda.

John Parisella

Former Délégué Général du Québec à New-York | @JohnParisella

Formerly Quebec’s representative in New York, John Parisella maintains a robust balance between Quebec, Canadian, and American politics in his tweets. Tweeting in both official languages, Parisella’s feed is a leading voice in the #cdnfp Quebec caucus.

Christopher Parsons

Post-Doctoral fellow, The Citizen Lab | @caparsons

Now based at Citizen Lab, Christopher Parsons is one of Canada’s fast-rising academic talents, with especial expertise in privacy, surveillance technologies, and the implications for citizens. Having recently completed his PhD at the University of Victoria, Parsons provides a much-needed voice in driving public conversations about Canadian electronic surveillance and privacy.

Tom Rand

Cleantech Lead Advisor, MaRS Discovery District | @tomrand

A green entrepreneur, investor, advisor, public speaker, and author, Tom Rand is an avid supported of a low carbon economy and bringing clean technology to life. Rand curates a Twitter feed dedicated to the latest developments in energy and technology, with a strong voice in the climate change discussions on the web.


George Roter

CEO and Co-Founder, Engineers Without Borders Canada | @geroter

George Roter is Canada’s advocate for engineering with a human face. Between all the #EWB mentions, Roter wades into wider debates on development, aid, and innovation.

Steve Saideman

Professor, Carleton University | @smsaideman

Steve Saideman is the Paterson Chair at the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs and a frequent contributor to our Roundtable Blog. Stephen’s witty mix of international affairs analysis, #cdnfp commentary, and reflections on academia never fails to catch our attention. A fearless crowdsourcer, Saideman’s feed sets a high bar for professors and policymakers alike.  


Rana Sarkar

Co-Chair, Munk School of Global Affairs | @RanaSarkar_

As the former President and CEO of the Canada-India Business Council, Rana Sarkar is passionate about Canada’s place in the world. While he isn’t as frequent as we’d like him to be, he tweets on everything from Latin American fiscal crises to Canadian energy exports.

Mark Sedra

Co-Founder, Security Governance Group | @msedra

Mark Sedra is an international security expert and adjunct assistant professor at the University of Waterloo. Sedra also co-founded the Security Governance Group, and serves as Executive Director of the Centre for Security Governance, a non-profit think tank focused on peace and security. As a result, Sedra’s feed is your high-paced annotated reading list on security in Afghanistan and the Middle East.

Paul Sedra

Associate Professor, Simon Fraser University | @sedgate

A specialist in modern Egyptian history and Christian-Muslim relations, Sedra has also taught at Dalhousie University and the University of Toronto. His Twitter feed often features Egypt commentary and analysis of Canadian policy in the Middle East.

Peter Singer

CEO, Grand Challenges Canada | @PeterASinger

Peter Singer is the CEO of Grand Challenges Canada, a Canadian non-profit dedicated to catalyzing innovation in global health. Singer is also Director of the Sandra Rotman Centre at the University Health Network and a professor of medicine at the University of Toronto. Singer’s feed is a stellar resource for the latest information in global health news.

Gordon Smith

Distinguished Fellow, Centre for International Governance Innovation | @GordonSmithG20

With stints as Canada’s deputy foreign affairs minister, NATO ambassador, and G7/G8 sherpa, Gordon Smith’s long career highlights bring insightful conversation to Twitter on issues such as Syria and internet governance. More recently, Smith has just been appointed Deputy Chair of the new Global Commission on Internet Governance, a joint group set up by CIGI and Chatham House to investigate the future of Internet governance in the wake of the Snowden revelations.

Rob Steiner

Director, The Fellowship in Global Journalism at the Munk School of Global Affairs | @munkjournalism

Rob Steiner’s previous posts include global finance correspondent for The Wall Street Journal and advisor to campaigns for the likes of Paul Martin and Jean Chrétien. Steiner’s feed is a testament to his passion about the new approach to journalism of the program, as well as commentary on the new, the absurd, and the dangerous of the profession.


Liam Swiss

Professor, Memorial University of Newfoundland | @liamswiss

A researcher of the political sociology of international development and globalization, Liam Swiss keeps his feed current and tweets often about aid and Canadian initiatives abroad.


Yuen Pau Woo

President and CEO, Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada | @yuenpauwoo

Yuen Pau Woo is Canada’s go-to guy for insights on Asia. Woo’s feed is quieter than APF Canada’s account, but he periodically tweets must-reads on Canada-Asia relations.

Alex Wood

Senior Director Policy and Markets, Sustainable Prosperity | @ALEXatSP

With an extensive background in integrating economic and environmental issues in Canada and the United States at places like TD Bank Financial Group and World Wildlife Fund, Alex Wood is making his mark at Sustainable Prosperity. The national green economy think tank, SP aims for a “greener, more competitive Canadian economy”. Wood’s feed is the place to go for the latest in where economy and environment intersect.

Organizations and Media

Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada | @AsiaPacificFdn

As Canada’s Asian ambitions expand, APF remains the go-to account for informative and engaging discussion on Canada-Asia relations.

Atlantic Council of Canada | @NATOCanada

Interested in NATO-related news and informative discussion? @NATOCanada is your source for policy discussion, international affairs commentary, and the popular live Twitter chats on a variety of topics.

Balsillie School of International Affairs | @BalsillieSIA

A collaboration between the Centre for International Governance Innovation, the University of Waterloo, and Wilfrid Laurier University, the institute aims to combine its members’ strengths and provides cutting edge research on international affairs. Follow them on Twitter for the latest on innovative ways to engage, research and learn.


Canada 2020 | @Canada2020

Canada 2020 is an Ottawa-based public policy think tank on Canada’s future. From social mobility to carbon emissions, Canada2020 offers edgy commentary as well as live tweets from numerous #cdnpoli related events.

Canadian International Council | @TheCIC

We are Canada’s hub for international affairs. Although in no way perfect, we try to bring you the latest in #cdnfp discussion and encourage the Twitterverse to engage, debate, and make the best of this platform.

Centre for International Governance Innovation | @CIGIonline

CIGI is a Waterloo-based think tank on global governance. The centre’s feed lets you follow them along with their international affairs experts, as well as promote meaningful discussion via their #CIGIlive events.

Centre for International Policy Studies | @uOttawaCIPS

Based at the University of Ottawa, CIPS celebrates excellence in research and promotes debate on international issues in Canada. The Centre’s Twitter feed will bring you up to speed on #cdnfp and introduce you to some of their Twitter active personalities.


Citizen Lab, University of Toronto | @citizenlab

The University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab works where digital media, security, and human rights meet. On Twitter, the lab will keep you updated on the latest in censorship, surveillance, and cyberattacks worldwide, from Syria to your smartphone.

Embassy News | @EmbassyNews

Based in Ottawa, “Canada’s foreign policy newsweekly” Embassy News focuses on diplomacy, trade, security, immigration, and more. Often going beyond traditional headlines, Embassy is one to usually spark heated #cdnfp debates, like the recent discussion of foreign policy and Twitter diplomacy.


Engineers Without Borders Canada | @ewb

Founded in 2000, Engineers Without Borders Canada aims to do more than build bridges or electrical grids. Promoting systemic change to battle poverty, inequality and spur development, this organization is at the helm of meaningful change in India, Malawi, and more. Beyond fundraising and events, from issues of education to responsible aid, this account has got you covered.


Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, University of Ottawa| @UOttawaGSPIA

With cutting edge-research and world-class faculty, GSPIA contributes some of the smartest commentary on international affairs straight from the heart of the nation’s capital. On Twitter, GSPIA’s feed will keep you posted on the research and day-to-day happenings at the school, as well as #cdnfp analyses emanating its top-notch community of scholars.

Journalists for Human Rights | @jhrnews

Journalists for Human Rights is a Toronto-based NGO that supports local accountability journalism in Africa – the kind that shuts down child brothels and keeps elections free and fair. On Twitter, JHR tackles human rights stories from around the web, as well as advocating for the benefits of social media.

Liu Institute for Global Issues, University of British Columbia | @LiuInstituteUBC

Research on global issues is the name of the game for this British Columbia based institute. Follow them on Twitter to stay up to date on in-house events as well as latest discussions on topics such as migration, climate change, and digital technology.


The Mastercard Foundation | @MCFoundation

Based in Toronto, The Mastercard Foundation partners with other organizations in 46 countries promoting education and financial inclusion opportunity, mostly for youth in Africa. The Foundation’s feed showcases new Canadian developments in the spheres of aid and education worldwide.

Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies | @MIGSinstitute

Based at Concordia University, MIGS is Canada’s leading research and advocacy institute for genocide and mass atrocity crimes prevention that not only conducts research, but aims to provide real policy recommendations to help prevent conflict degeneration into mass atrocity situations. On Twitter, MIGS is dedicated to spreading genocide and human rights related content, as well as facilitating discussion via live-tweets of speeches and related events.


Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto | @munkschool

The Munk School is another key player in the #cdnfp field on Twitter, curating the best from its affiliated institutes and people.

The North-South Institute | @NSI_INS

The North-South Institute is a policy research institution focusing on international development. Tackling issues of global poverty and inequality, NSI’s Twitter feed is as engaging as it is informative.


The Norman Paterson School of International Affairs, Carleton University | @CU_NPSIA

Carleton’s graduate school of international affairs, NPSIA showcases some of the most Twitter-active faculty and students online. On Twitter, NPSIA keeps tabs on its outstanding faculty and academic discussion of the international affairs issues of the day.


War Child Canada | @WarChildCan

Founded in 1999 by Dr. Samantha Nutt and Dr. Eric Hoskins, War Child Canada is an independent Canadian organization working to provide humanitarian assistance and long-term rehabilitative support for children affected by war. Beyond fundraising, War Child’s feed features prominent discussion of everything from issues with intervention to education.


Edward Akuffo

Professor, University of the Fraser Valley

Dr. Akuffo is a Human Security Fellow of the Canadian Consortium on Human Security. His expertise in the field of IR and comparative politics in developing countries would translate into an impressive (and engaging!) Twitter feed.


Louise Arbour

President and CEO, International Crisis Group

Louise Arbour’s career has taken her from the Supreme Court of Canada to stints as the Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunals for the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda, as well as UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. Given her extensive background and experience, we would love to see Arbour’s current Twitter (@louise_arbour) more active in joining the current international affairs conversation, from the CAR crisis to human rights around the world.


Lloyd Axworthy

President, University of Winnipeg

As Canada’s Foreign Minister under Jean Chrétien, Lloyd Axworthy presided over some of the most ground breaking and often controversial moments in #cdnfp history, from NATO’s Yugoslavia campaign to the beginning of #R2P and humanitarian discussion to his UN Security Council presidency. While Axworthy is already on Twitter (@lloydaxworthy), we’d like to hear more of his take on the current state of world affairs and Canada’s role.

David Black

Director, Centre for Foreign Policy Studies at Dalhousie University

As debates rage on regarding the right way to engage in Africa, David Black’s expertise in Canadian and South African foreign policy would be more than welcome in the Twittersphere.

Margaret Chan

Director General, World Health Organization

After obtaining her medical degree from the University of Western Ontario, Margaret Chan held positions as Director of Health in the Hong Kong Government, WHO Director General for Pandemic Influenza and WHO Assistant Director General for Communicable Diseases. From her focus on malnutrition to the health of women, Chan’s would be an invaluable Canadian voice in the online global health conversation.

Gary Doer

Canadian Ambassador to the United States

The current U.S. Ambassador, Gary Doer is ideally positioned to continue the trend of Ambassadors on Twitter. Getting an inside perspective into our special relationship with our southern friend, Doer’s feed would be an interesting take on current events and #cdnfp given his NDP background as the former Premier of Manitoba.


Louise Fréchette

Former Deputy Secretary-General, United Nations

Louise Fréchette’s distinguished diplomatic career has taken her around the world, eventually leading to United Nations’ headquarters in New York. There, Fréchette first served as Canada’s ambassador to the UN and was later appointed UN Deputy Secretary-General under Kofi Annan. With her decades of high-level diplomatic service, we feel Fréchette would offer unique and invaluable insight to today’s foreign policy conversation.

Bill Graham

Chair, Canadian International Council

As the Minister of Foreign Affairs during the War on Terror and the changing world dynamic post 9/11, The Honourable Bill Graham was at the forefront of the transformations that we discuss today. His would be the ultimate voice in the #cdnfp Twitter landscape.


Ed Greenspon

Canadian Editor-at-Large, Bloomberg News

As Bloomberg’s new Canadian editor-at-large, we’d like to hear more from this veteran of the Canadian newspaper business on matters of importance for both sides of 49th parallel. He tweets at @egreenspon.

Fen Hampson

Distinguished Fellow and Director of the Global Security Research Program, Centre for International Governance Innovation

A frequent commentator on Canadian foreign policy, Hampson is right at the heart of #cdnfp. From his vantage point, we’re sure he’d bring a unique view to the table.

Jonathan Hausman

Co-Chair, Munk School of Global Affairs

With the Munk School making the best of the Twitter platform, we’d like more of its experts to come online and weigh in on Canadian foreign policy, particularly the economic side of things. Hausman’s voice would be a welcome addition.

Bruce Heyman

Recently named U.S. Ambassador to Canada, Bruce Heyman’s background as a Goldman Sachs veteran and finance guru would make for a fascinating Twitter account.

Jeremy Kinsman

Diplomat-in-Residence, Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University

Jeremy Kinsman’s career as diplomat included Ambassadorial placements in over 12 countries and the European Union, as well as the appointment as High Commissioner to the United Kingdom and Malta. We still highly encourage Mr. Kinsman and other high profile diplomats to join and help expand the #cdnfp conversation on Twitter!


Andrew Leslie

Although Andrew Leslie is already on Twitter (@Lt_Gen_Leslie) we would like to see him tweet more often and venture beyond MP nomination related tweets and share some of his valuable insight as a former Canadian Forces general.


Stephen Lewis

Chair, The Stephen Lewis Foundation

One of Canada’s truly inspirational humanitarians, Stephen Lewis is known for passionately and elegantly articulating his views in speech and in print. We’d like to see him to do so on Twitter as well.

David Malone

Rector, United Nations University

David Malone had a distinguished career in the Canadian foreign service, including stints as Canada’s Ambassador to the United Nations and High Commissioner to India. Malone has also served as the President of the International Peace Institute and later, as the President of the International Development Research Centre. Last year, he was appointed the Rector of the United Nations University in Tokyo, Japan. Given his long career arc, David Malone would be a welcome addition to the #cdnfp Twitterverse.

John Manley

President and CEO, Canadian Council of Chief Executives

One of our most well respected public figures, Manley’s political network keeps him plugged into the formation of Canadian policy, domestic and foreign. We’re sure his tweets would provide an insightful angle on our government’s activities.

Rohinton Medhora

President, Centre for International Governance Innovation

As the president of Canada’s preeminent research institution on global governance, Medhora is at the center of some of the most important debates on the future of the global economy. He could do much on Twitter to help explain to Canadians what’s at stake.

Stephen Poloz

Governor, Bank of Canada

The (fairly) new Governor of the Bank of Canada specializes in currency movements and his background with Export Development Canada and the International Monetary Fund would bring an interesting perspective to the finance world via Twitterverse.


Daniel Schwanen

Associate Vice President, Trade and International Policy, C.D. Howe Institute

Schwanen’s expertise on international trade and investment policy would be fuel for a fascinating Twitter feed, as Canadians debate who should get to invest in our country, and which economies should be targeted by Canadian investors.

Hugh Segal

Senator, Senate of Canada

Hugh Segal is the incoming Master of Massey College at the University of Toronto (effective June 2014). Former chief of staff to Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and one time chair of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, Segal’s past as well as future would make for a valuable addition to the #cdnfp conversation.


Sarah Fountain-Smith

Director General of International Organizations, Human Rights and Democracy at DFATD

Responsible for Canada’s engagement with the U.N, the Commonwealth, La Francophonie, and community of democracies, as well as international human rights and democracy issues, Sarah Fountain-Smith sure has a lot of ground to cover. With previous diplomatic appointments in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Canada’s Mission to the UN, Fountain-Smith’s views and experiences would be an invaluable asset to the #cdnfp discussions of these issues and areas on Twitter.


Janice Stein

Outgoing Director, Munk School of Global Affairs

The Munk School’s global reach has expanded enormously, guided by Stein’s visionary leadership. Her own reach on twitter would be just as extensive, and so we’d like to see Stein use twitter to share her views on international issues.

Stephen Toope

Outgoing President and Vice-Chancellor, University of British Columbia; Incoming Director, Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto

A scholar specializing in human rights, public international law and international relations, Stephen Toope’s work could bring another strong voice from the academia world to join in on the #cdnfp discussion today.

Jennifer Welsh

Special Advisor on the Responsibility To Protect, United Nations; Professor, European University Institute

One of Canada’s most respected scholars of international relations, Welsh has smart takes on everything from drone strikes and international law to the war in Syria. Fans of her work within Canada and abroad would jump at the chance to follow her, irrespective of whether she’s wearing her academic or UN special advisor hat.

Canadian foreign service officers

These are the men and women representing Canada abroad. We recognize they may sometimes be constrained  in their tweets, but we also believe in a future of diplomacy that does not shy away from engaging on the Twitter platform with a personal touch. Many have already been perpetuating this trend, but there is incredible potential for Canadian officials to lead this trend, not follow. We hope the recent expansion of embassies and diplomats in the Twitterverse not only continues, but also pushes boundaries in order to bring critical, lively commentary on #cdnfp. Much progress has been made over the past year with some experimentation and knowledge sharing amongst practitioners, and we hope to feature more diplomats in the 2015 Twitterati.

Research by Khrystyna Kulyasa

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