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Diplomacy and Duplicity

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“An ambassador is an honest gentleman sent to lie abroad for the good of his country.” That’s supposedly what British diplomat Sir Henry Wotton said about his profession in 1604. And many people would still agree with the sentiment today. Internationally brokered ceasefires go unheeded. Countries fight wars without ever declaring them. And just because you ratify a multinational agreement doesn’t always mean you follow through on your commitments. Is it willful belligerence? Unrealistic expectations for the international system? Or a bit of both?

Below, OpenCanada considers the state of inauthenticity in international relations.

The Climate Stalemate

Multilateral negotiations on climate change have failed to solve the problem. Is it time to end the charade wonders U of T professor Matthew Hoffmann.

Wikileaks vs. History

Margaret McMillan and Clay Shirky discuss the impact of Wikileaks on how we look at the past and how we will consider the future.

Seven Myths About IR

There are many commonly held beliefs in international relations. But that doesn’t make them true. Here is our list of the top seven myths of foreign policy.

“Special” Relationships

The U.S. has a lot of friends. Only a handful of those relationships have been declared “special.” What special means, however, can depend greatly.

Figureheads of State

In name, they are one thing. In function, they are something much different. Here is our list of 10 heads of state who are more figureheads than real leaders.

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Seven Myths About International Relations

Seven Myths About International Relations


From a united Europe to American exceptionalism.

The Climate Stalemate

The Climate Stalemate


Multilateral negotiations on climate change have failed. Is it time to call for an end to the charade?