How Humanitarian Drones Could Be Used

How UAVs could potentially be used in eight different situations of concern identified by the Sentinel Project for Genocide Prevention.

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17 January, 2013

The Sentinel Project for Genocide Prevention is an NGO establishing an early warning system to identity communities at risk of genocide and other mass atrocities worldwide. Currently, eight countries have been identified where minorities may be at risk of extermination by either the state or non-state actors. The Sentinel Project is monitoring these situations of concern (SOCs) and seeks to cooperate with threatened communities in preventing or mitigating mass atrocities. The innovative use of technology plays a prominent role in the entire prediction and prevention process, including gathering and analyzing data, broadcasting warnings, and building communal resilience. A new initiative at the Sentinel Project is the development of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to use in such cases. This map highlights the current SOCs and examples of what types of UAVs may be beneficial in each one.

Sri Lanka

Graphics by Cameron Tulk and Merrill Liu