Get Involved

Giving Citizens a voice in global affairs

Interested in Canada’s international relations? Inspired to do something more than read? Canada’s role in the world is not just defined by government officials, it is set by all of us as we interact with the rest of the globe. You have a contribution to make as well.

Have your say in the development of Canada’s foreign policy

At a time when developments in the world — from COVID to climate change — have growing impact on the lives of Canadians, our citizens seem more disconnected than ever from how Canada shapes that world. “Canadians don’t care about foreign policy” goes the received wisdom.

But what if Canadians could define their own foreign policy?

The Canadian International Council has joined fellow civil society organizations Global Canada and CanWaCH in a major innovation in public policy making called deliberative democracy.

By convening everyday citizens, informing them of the challenges Canada faces and some of the options available to us, and letting them work out their preferences, deliberative democracy shows decision-makers what people want. By reframing key issues in terms voters can understand and get behind, we bridge the gap between policies and the people in whose name they are made.

The CIC invites you to take part. Join us in a test session of the deliberation exercise we are organizing to help us shape the agenda. Volunteer for a CIC branch to help organize events. Share your views online in the conversation to follow. Register here.