2011 International Book List: Janice Stein

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January 2, 2012

Questions for Editor Janice Stein:

1. What is the best international affairs book you have read in 2011 (Canadian or otherwise?)

I cannot answer because I am on the Lionel Gelber Prize Board.

2. What was the biggest international event of 2011?

The ongoing crisis over the euro, which can tip the world into recession.

3. Who was the biggest international influencer of 2011?

Chancellor Angela Merkel, who has restrained the European Central Bank from signaling that it will play the lender of last resort.

4. Who was the biggest Canadian international influencer of 2011?

Prime Minister Harper for two reasons: His announcement that Canada will pursue entry into the Trans-Pacific Partnership and his pursuit of a smarter boarder with the United States.

5. What was Canada’s best international moment of 2011?

Canada’s early support of collective action in Libya.

6. What was Canada’s worst international moment of 2011?

Canada’s unnecessarily precipitous withdrawal from Kyoto.