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2011 International Book List: Michelle Shephard

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2 January, 2012
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Questions for Author Michelle Shephard:

1. What is the best international affairs book you have read in 2011 (Canadian or otherwise?)

I really enjoyed both A History of the World Since 9/11, by Dominic Streatfeild and Peter Bergen’s The Longest War.

2. What was the biggest international event of 2011?

What a year it has been. The uprisings across the Arab world of course, if that can be considered one event. There is also the death of Osama bin Laden, which was critical for what I cover. Going back to Ground Zero, for President Obama’s visit after bin Laden’s killing, was an incredibly emotional event having been there a decade earlier on 9/11.

3. Who was the biggest international influencer of 2011?

Tough question. I wouldn’t consider her the biggest influencer, but Yemen’s Tawakul Karman, one of three women to win the Nobel Peace Prize certainly smashed a lot of stereotypes and was such an inspiration for many.  

4. Who was the biggest Canadian international influencer of 2011?

I’m ashamed to say I can’t answer this quickly – ashamed because perhaps I haven’t been paying attention to Canada enough, or maybe because Canada has not been impressive on the world stage. 

5. What was Canada’s best international moment of 2011?


6. What was Canada’s worst international moment of 2011?


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