Dawson: Will Obama be successful in convincing Netanyahu not to strike Iran?

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March 5, 2012
Laura Dawson, PhD has more than fifteen years’ experience providing advice to government officials on trade and economic issues in the United States, Canada, Latin America, Russia and CIS, and China.

The messages coming from both Israel and the United States are clear. Netanyahu has signalled a willingness to attack Iran should diplomacy fail to rein in its nuclear program. Obama is urging patience in order to allow tough economic sanctions to work. On June 28, US will impost sanctions on foreign banks facilitating Iran’s oil trade. Countries will have to choose between doing business with the US or importing oil from Iran. This is tough medicine, not only for Iran but also for the United States since limiting the supply of oil in global markets will drive record high oil prices even higher — not a comfortable situation for a President entering campaign mode. Obama seems committed to making diplomatic solutions work. One hopes that Netanyahu shares this commitment.