Whitney Lackenbauer

St. Jerome's University professor 

P. Whitney Lackenbauer is a Canadian historian and frequent commentator on contemporary circumpolar affairs. Born and raised in Kitchener, Ontario, he completed his undergraduate studies at the St. Jerome's University and was honoured to return back to him alma mater as a faculty member soon after completing his doctorate. Although actively engaged in various research programmes related to Canadian defence, foreign policy, and Arctic issues, he is passionate about undergraduate teaching, an outlet for his passion and enthusiasm for all aspects of Canadian history. Whitney was a Fulbright Fellow at Johns Hopkins University in 2010 and a Canadian International Council Research Fellow in 2008-09.  He has travelled extensively with the Canadian Rangers from coast to coast to coast over the last decade, and he was made Honorary Lieutenant Colonel of the 1st Canadian Ranger Patrol Group in 2014.  His current research includes Arctic sovereignty and security issues since the Second World War; the Canada-United States Joint Arctic Weather Station (JAWS) program, which operated in the High Arctic from 1947-72; the history of the Distant Early Warning (DEW) Line; and the evolution of Canada's Northern strategies.