Vanessa Gastaldo

Program Officer at the Walter and Duncan Gordon Foundation

Vanessa is a program officer at the Walter and Duncan Gordon Foundation, responsible for the Munk-Gordon Arctic Security Program. Over the past four years this program has dedicated itself to the discussion of circumpolar issues, including Arctic peoples and security, the Arctic Council, public opinion in and about the North, and emergency preparedness. Since joining the Foundation, Vanessa has worked extensively with northerners to examine the impact of the changing Arctic’s social, economic and ecological environment on their livelihoods and futures. Vanessa’s interest in promoting equitable indigenous participation began during her undergraduate career at Algoma University, where she helped develop a formal agreement between the Students’ Union and the Anishinaabe Students’ Association to provide sustainable multi-year funding for indigenous student programming. Since then, Vanessa has gone on to receive a Master of Arts degree in Global Governance from the University of Waterloo, where she examined the role of non-governmental actors in international organizations, including the G8 and Arctic Council.

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