Tina Jiwon Park / @jiwontina

Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Canadian Centre for Responsibility to Protect

Tina is a Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Canadian Centre for R2P. In 2012, Tina has advised the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) at the 127th Assembly in Quebec City with Dr. Edward Luck, the former UN Secretary-General’s Representative on R2P. She further assisted the IPU at the 128th Assembly in Quito, Ecuador, in the spring of 2013 for the adoption of R2P Resolution entitled “The Role of Parliamentarians in Enforcing R2P.” Tina has participated in the civil society consultative process for the the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon’s Report on Responsibility to Protect since 2013 and has participated at the UN General Assembly on R2P in 2013 and 2014. Tina is a frequent commentator on R2P-related issues and has travelled to Barcelona, Vienna, Istanbul, New York, Seoul, as well as the House of Commons in Ottawa to advocate for the implementation of R2P in national and regional foreign policy. In the past, Tina has worked as a simultaneous interpreter and translator for Korean, French, and Spanish, including at the G20 Seoul Summit. An award-winning scholar, Tina is currently writing her Ph.D. dissertation at the Department of History, University of Toronto, focusing on a hundred years of evolving history between Canada and Korea, with a special focus on trade and immigration. Tina has served as a Junior Fellow at Massey College and on the Planning/Budget Committee and Academic Board of the Governing Council of the University of Toronto. (www.tinapark.ca)