Nicholas Gafuik

Nicholas Gafuik is Senior Fellow at the Manning Centre for Building Democracy. He holds a MA in history from McGill University and a BA in history from the University of Calgary. His interests include Canadian identity and historical memory and Canadian federalism. He is also interested in developing conservative responses to social justice and the environment. He was a founding director of the Alberta Environmental Stewardship Coalition, which worked to advance stewardship as a principle and in practice for government, business, and private citizens in Alberta. Nicholas was named among Alberta’s 50 Most Influential People 2010 by Alberta Venture magazine. He was also a 2007-2008 Action Canada Fellow, and a 2003 finalist in Magna International’s As Prime Minister competition. He served as an international election observer for the Ukrainian parliamentary elections (March 2006), the Ukrainian presidential elections (December 2004), and the Cambodian parliamentary elections (July 2003). Nicholas lives in Calgary with his wife and two daughters.

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