Navid Hassibi / @navidhassibi

Founding director of the Council on International Policy

Navid Hassibi is a founding director of the CIP. He is also a Non-Resident Fellow with the Nuclear Security Working Group at the George Washington University and a PhD candidate (out-of-residence) at the University of Antwerp (Belgium). Navid was a Visiting Scholar at the George Washington University’s Elliott School of International Affairs before joining the NSWG and cofounding the CIP. Navid has years of experience as an international affairs practitioner in the public sector. He also frequently provides analysis and insight on international affairs. His work has been published in the Guardian, the Huffington Post, The National Interest, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists and with PBS Frontline, among other outlets. He holds a BA (Hons.) in political science from the University of Toronto (Canada) and an MA in international politics from the University of Manchester (UK).

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