Matthew Hoffmann

Associate professor of international relations at the University of Toronto

Matthew J. Hoffmann is an associate professor of international relations in the Department of Social Sciences at the University of Toronto Scarborough and in the Department of Political Science at the University of Toronto. He teaches and pursues research on climate-change politics, global governance, multilateral treaty-making, and complex systems. Hoffmann is the author of the recent book Climate Governance at the Crossroads: Experimenting with a Global Response after Kyoto from Oxford University Press (2011) which explores the growing phenomenon of climate-governance experiments. He also authored Ozone Depletion and Climate Change: Constructing a Global Response from the State University of New York Press (2005) and co-edited (with Alice Ba) the volume Contending Perspectives on Global Governance: Coherence, Contestation, and World-Order from Routledge (2005).

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Any common ground on Canada’s pipeline problem?

Any common ground on Canada’s pipeline problem?

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June 1, 2018

An easy resolution to the debate over
the Trans Mountain pipeline is unlikely, argues Matthew Hoffmann, since at its
core lies an irreconcilable difference of opinion on whether climate change is an
emergency or a manageable problem.